Federal Government Gives Green Light Jobs To “Incentive” Workers To Get Vaccinated – True Pundit

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has quietly given the green light to American companies to do whatever it takes to “incentivize” American workers to accept the coronavirus vaccine.

While vaccination continues to be slow, and incentives including lotteries and cash prizes are announced to any adults who agree to be vaccinated before, the EEOC has just released a long -awaited instruction on how far to go. companies to push workers to be vaccinated Some companies, including Delta Air Lines, says they will not take anyone who has not been vaccinated.

The updated guidelines state that employers may offer incentives for employees to provide documentation showing they have been vaccinated since proof was sought that it is “not a disability-related question” or a “contraindication. at the request law “under federal anti-discrimination laws. In addition, companies that choose to offer the vaccine on-site, or that encourage employees to get vaccinated elsewhere, cannot provide benefits or penalties sufficient to be “forced”.

The questions, which are the most important pieces of the new instruction, hidden at the bottom of the update, making the changes a quick thing reporters missed ahead of a long holiday weekend. – READ MORE

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