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At least 12 confidential informants helped FBI make a case against the men accused of plotting the kidnapping Michigan Gov. explained. Gretchen Whitmer, according to a new court filing.

In the ongoing federal lawsuit against the five defendants, the government identified at least a dozen sources by number, an attorney for one of the defendants wrote in the document. The origins were “assisted by FBI agents working in hiding,” said Scott Graham, an attorney representing Caleb Franks.

“Caleb has the right to raise the alternative defense of entrapment. If a jury finds that Caleb agreed with anyone to kidnap Governor Whitmer, the same jury will know that Caleb was motivated to involve government agents, ”Graham writes a motion to a federal judge hearing the case.

“Kaleb has the right to fully investigate and present this defense. In order to do so, Kaleb must have access to the CHS files maintained by the government. These files are required by the FBI and rules and will provide essential information on entrapment issues that is not available elsewhere. ”

Federal prosecutors charged Franks and five others last year in a plan to kidnap Whitmer, a Democrat. Another seven men have been charged at the state level.

Richard Trask II, an FBI special agent, wrote in an affidavit supporting the criminal complaint that the bureau “relied on information provided by Confidential Human Sources (CHS) and Undercover Employees (UCE) for several months. . ” – READ MORE

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