‘Fanaticism’ – Not Science – Manages CDC’s Aggressive Push to Vaccinate Despite Natural Safety • Protecting Children’s Health

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Even if the numbers are correct difficult to reach, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conservatively estimates that more than a third of Americans (at least 114.6 million) infected with SARS-CoV-2. There is enough reason to believe that most of these individuals, SARS-CoV-2 infection “induces prolonged resistance.”

For example, a study in December 2020 by Singapore researchers found neutralizing antibodies (a prong of resistance) that remained high in concentration for 17 years or more in individuals who have recovered from the original SARS-CoV.

Just now, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) published evidence of strong resistance to natural SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Even in March 2020, the NIH’s Anthony Fauci Dr. shares his vision (of a email [p. 22] to Ezekiel Emanuel) that “their [sic] can develop a lot of resistance after infection. ”

Despite the new findings, health authorities are largely no indifference stellar natural resistance record. In fact, according to the American Institute of Economic Research reports, it can be seen to highlight the COVID vaccine agenda, major unions have not only “reduced” natural resistance but may seek to “eliminate” it altogether.

Until recently, the Mayo Clinic reported that individuals who survived the 1918 influenza pandemic were immune, 92 years later, to H1N1 influenza. Even as economist Jon Sanders noticed, the Mayo Clinic took the discussion of 1918 influenza resistance from its website this spring. And late last year, the WHO caught testing in an unscientific way excluded “Resistance strength developed through past infection” comes from the defined definition of herd resistance.

Why, Sanders asks, are Americans hiding in the dark about the fact that so many “face COVID-19 and win”-and, therefore, “don’t need a vaccine?”

Policy shift

Evidence that natural resistance tough and longevity goes back decades. In contrast, the a dimensional resistance given by vaccination and vaccine promoters are constantly changing, briefly or absent throughout.

The well-learned strangeness of vaccine failure observed after mass vaccination against diseases such as measles, pertussis and FLU – and the serious or deadly “successful infections”We observe now after the COVID shots-this point has always been proven.

CDC non -discrimination counsel in the part of the population obtained from COVID-19 to obtain a COVID vaccine in stark contrast to the agency’s approach to other infections.

For example, it is not recommended by the CDC measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine for individuals with confirmation of past infection or who were born in the period prior to MMR, when each acquired childhood diseases.

Recognizing that vaccination is on point for people who naturally acquire resistance – by experiencing a given disease naturally – the CDC also tells individuals with lab confirmation of “resistance induced in pain “against varicella that they don’t have to get a chickenpox vaccine.

Surprising criticism from the insiders

Online medical news outlet MedPage Now, owned by “leading Internet information and services company” J2 Global, describes itself as “a reliable source for covered in clinical news to medical specialists. ”

For the most part, this translates into bland mainstream coverage that, at the time of COVID, accompanied heavy promotion and endorsement of the party’s line of public health vaccination.

However, the publication “Enterprise & Investigative team” also claims they are ready to “light a light medical malpractice – whether individual, corporate or government “as well as” adherence to healthcare money. “

Later, this investigative group appeared to have decided to blow the whistle to suppress the discussion about natural resistance to COVID. On May 28, MedPage published a op-ed frankly titled “Stop Ignoring COVID’s Natural Safety.” As the days passed, Dr. Marty Makary, editor in chief of MedPage Today, in a public interview repeated many of the arguments laid out in the op-ed.

Jeffrey Klausner, one of the two op-ed associates, is a CDC medical officer and “constant advisor of the CDC, NIH and WHO. ”In their op-ed, Klausner and co-author Noah Kojima asked why we“ really focused on vaccine-induced resistance … while ignoring natural stability ”and so on. criticize policy makers for dismissing “complications of the human immune system” – including evidence that both B cells and T cells contributed to the aftermath of COVID cellular immunity.

Arguing that protection among individuals recovered from COVID is “equal to or better than vaccine -induced immunity,” they also condemned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA). counsel against the use of the antibody test, instead encourage the following:

“[P]Olicymakers should include natural resistance as determined by an accurate and reliable antibody test or the documentation prior to infection… as evidence of resistance equivalent to vaccination [emphasis added]. That resistance should be given the same social status as the vaccine placed [sic] resistance. Such a policy will further reduce anxiety and increase access to travel, events, family visits, and more… allowed [those who have recovered] to be safe to throw off their masks, show their faces, and join the legions of the vaccinated. ”

In his public statements, Makary said more, describes the elimination of COVID’s natural resistance – which he believes is “probably lifelong” – as “[o]ne of the greatest failure of our present leadership in medicine. ”

According to Makary, the CDC’s relentless focus on vaccine-induced resistance and the “demonization” of individuals who choose not to get a COVID vaccine makes the agency “the slowest, most reactionary, CDC political history in American history. “

Makary, whose other professional duties excluded professor of medicine and public health at Johns Hopkins University and the nominee for the National Academy of Medicine, also said, “I never thought I’d say it, but please disregard the CDC instruction. ”

Makary also expressed opposition to the topic of COVID and children’s vaccines. On a June 10 opinion about on MedPage Today, Makary told parents to “think first before giving COVID vax to healthy children,” describing a healthy child’s risk of dying from COVID as “between zero and infinitesimally rare.” (Adapting the force of this statement, however, Makary signaled his support for the COVID-19 vaccination to “any child with a medical condition, including overweight”-meaning at least 54% of American children).

In a television appearance on June 13, Makary continued to criticize the CDC, accusing it of “sitting on a lot of data, ”Including important information about severe cardiac complications which is now experienced by young people who have received COVID injection. Agreed to a news report, Makary suggested that the “fanatic” is leading the aggressive push for COVID vaccination, also citing “the folly of insisting on a vaccine to vaccinate those who are already immune.”

Welcome pushback

Early in June, Protecting the Health of Children called for a stop immediately to vaccinate COVID in minors, focusing on the underlying risk of bad events, including blood to blood and inflammation of the heart, and unknown side effects of long-term vaccines.

Scientists have recently offered a dramatic Explaining for some adverse consequences, it was revealed that the spike protein at Pfizer and Moderna injection was actually a pathogenic toxin that accumulated in organs and tissues and passed through the blood-brain barrier.

In this context, reminders about the role and benefits of natural resistance may balance risk and incorrect. herd protection rhetoric seeking to justify COVID vaccines for children.

Readers on The Protector probably also familiar to many conflicts of interest which made it difficult to rely on advice from officials at arresting agencies such as the CDC and FDA. If internal media wears titles and honors from public health establishments that reflect the criticisms of these agencies, we are foolish to ignore them.

In the context of growing censor of any information contrary to government and industry claims, pushback from all corners is welcome, especially if it is based on both evidence and common sense.

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