Fact -Checker Poynter Urges Local News to Reduce Coverage of Crime Stories Because It Provides “Systemic Racism” – True Pundit

The Poynter fact -checking institution is asking that local news stations reduce the coverage of stories connecting “Black and brown communities” to violent crime because it encourages “systematic racism.”

The institution, which runs the International Fact-Checking Network that runs Politifact, issued a statement urging journalists to “cut the crime reporting cycle.”

Arrests for misdemeanors do not equally affect people of color. Systemic racism mixes with injustice as reviews show that prosecutors are more likely to exclude Black jurors from trials.

There is crime and flogging in court because it always puts up stories. Much of that content is directly related to public safety. Reporters will be more knowledgeable about who we cover and the follow -up stories we provide. Kelly McBride, who heads the Craig Newmark Center for Ethics and Leadership in Poynter, said, “Local news outlets are raising narratives that connect Black and brown communities to crime. As a result, we’ve improved. systematic racism through our involvement in crime. ”

It is in our power as reporters to break the cycle. We don’t have to simply announce the crime blotter because it fills the air time or generates clicks.

The announcement was made at the same time Politifact stated that a claim that the Austin-American Statesman intentionally removed a description of a mass shooting because he was black was a “lie.” – READ MORE

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