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A Tesla Model S Plaid reportedly burst into flames outside Philadelphia, trapping the owner inside after electronic attacks triggered by an electronic refusal to open, car owner’s attorneys claim. The driver escaped from Tesla, but the fire lasted more than two hours to extinguish the fire department.

the Washington Post reports that a Tesla Model S Plaid caught fire while the owner was driving down the street, the owner’s attorneys claimed the man was briefly trapped inside the burning car after the car’s electronic doors refused to open.

The incident happened outside Philadelphia just days after the man received the car that Tesla provided as the fastest car in production in the world. Tesla said it delivered its first 25 cars in June after CEO Elon Musk held an exciting media event in Fremont, California.

Authorities from the Gladwyne Fire Department initially said they were investigating the fire involving a Tesla Model S but on Thursday, the news released had already taken place. Lower Merion Township Fire Department chief fire officer Charles McGarvey confirmed Post with a fire on Tuesday involving a Tesla Model S Plaid and lasted two hours to extinguish.

“With Teslas, you just have to put a lot of water in it,” he said. “After that, you have to sit for 45 minutes, an hour, when the smoking stops you can release it to the second responders. We take it to a safe location.”- READ MORE

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