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A “Democratic socialist” member of the Denver school board has been accused of sexually extorting illegal immigrants, teen anti-gun activists, and a member of Black Lives Matter.

Before becoming the target of a police investigation, 22-year-old elected official Tay Anderson successfully introduced a move to remove police officers from Denver schools.

On May 25, a parent told a Colorado House committee that there was a “sexual predator targeting children,” the Denver Post reports He said 62 people had this complaint of misconduct ranging from unwanted touching to violent rape, and that 61 of their illegal immigrants or “Dreamers,” had received Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). The youngest is 14 years old.

On May 28, the school system said it had “announced that the accusations against Director Tay Anderson. Denver police are also aware of these accusations. “

An attorney for Anderson, Christopher Decker, denied the Post’s allegations, writing: way. This is also why the misrepresentation of heinous crimes works to diminish and diminish its importance. ”

Denver Police Department spokesman Jay Casillas told the Post it spoke to parent Mary-Katherine Brooks Fleming, but has not heard directly from any of the victims. Illegal immigrants are sometimes afraid to talk to the police. READ MORE

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