CNN’s Jake Tapper Loses 75% of His Audience in Just Six Months – True Pundit

CNN’s ‘The Lead with Jake Tapper’ has delivered a staggering 75% of viewers since the liberal network experienced a surge in viewership in January, ” reports Fox News.

Between May 31 and June 23, Tapper, a proven liar, and producer of the whole was just averaging –LOL –708,000 viewers at his 4pm ET time That’s up from 2.8 million in January.

In comparison, Fox’s awesome Neal Cavuto toured Tapper with an average of 1.1 million viewers at the same time.

Between the first and second quarters of the year, Tapper lost 49 percent of its audience.

Tapper’s second hour (5-6 pm ET) averaged just 799,000 viewers between May 31 and June 23. Fox’s The Five An estimated 2.6 million viewers in the same hour, this means Tapper took 222 percent jaw-dropping beatings.

None of this is surprising. Tapper was once a respected business reporter. Afterwards, like Chris Cuomo and Alison Camerota, for money and fame, he sold his soul and integrity to CNNLOL chief Jeff Zucker, and now he’s the punchline in every comedy about pride in self -esteem, seen your own hero in your own story, and use the military to hide from criticism.— READ MORE

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