CNN’s Brian Stelter Loses 72% of Viewers By 2021-Real Pundit

CNN’s “Reliable Sources” ratings fell to their lowest level this year this weekend, even as host Brian Stelter continued to dedicate every episode to criticizing Fox News ’credibility.

In all, his show lost 72% of its viewers from its high point on January 10th.

The new nadir came a week after Stelter all but begging White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki to tell him how his network could be more in line with its coverage on the points made by the Biden administration.

The most recent episode of Stelter’s show failed to attract 1 million viewers for the 11th week in a row. Only one 752,000 total viewers watched to watch Stelter’s criticism of the media-which often focused on the more successful Fox News-on Sunday. That’s from a peak of 2.7 million spectators after the Capitol riot on Jan. 6.

CNN ratings have continued to contract since the destruction of life has slowed its outlook. Stelter attracted 1.3 million viewers in February, 1.02 million in March, 917,000 in April, and 836,000 in May.

Stelter’s numbers look even worse when measured by audience members who belong to the most desired demographic of advertisers, the 25- to 54-year-old audience. 129,000 people among the many wealth cohort were watching.- READ MORE

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