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The federal government is leading small businesses to do more business on Amazon to help them recover from the pandemic -induced economic crisis.

U.S. Commercial Service, a trade promotion agency, hosted a series of “Go Global” web sites with Amazon in June to teach small businesses how to access Singapore markets. and United Arab Emirates by becoming retailers of the e-commerce behemoth. Some traders wept bitterly, blaming Amazon for their misfortunes.

Gina Schaefer opened her first hardware store in Logan Circle, Washington, DC, in 2003. Together with her husband, she expanded the business to 13 local used hardware stores, employing nearly 300 people in metro areas of DC, Maryland, and Virginia. He said a retailer like Amazon is the last place the federal government should go to help small businesses.

“The more Amazon gets, the smaller the number of independent businesses we have,” Schaefer said of Washington free halter. “Individual industries have been selected through predatory pricing and disregarded government regulations to the point where starting a new business, at least in the retail sector, is nearly impossible.”

The agency’s webinars with Amazon are designed to get clients for the web giant. The participants studied at the June 15 event that included helping businesses create an Amazon Global Account. A follow-up webinar in July will teach entrepreneurs how to not only collaborate with Amazon but also with U.S. marketing authorities.

“We’ll cover … how to sign up for a Global Seller Account… the role the U.S. Commercial Service plays in providing comprehensive export counseling to support your global business strategy,” the page says ACTIVITY states. “We will connect you… to explore free government resources and funds to support your e-Commerce and export-related activity.- READ MORE

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