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America’s Largest Teacher Union to Vote for Mandatory COVID Vaccination, Masks and Testing For Students

According to Fox News:

The National Education Association, the largest union of teachers in America, has made a vote to demand mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations, masks and testing for students before class returns in the fall.

The new business meeting action item submitted by 50 delegates is “awaiting debate” on the NEA website.

The action item calls for “mandatory safe and effective COVID-19 vaccination and testing for all students and staff before returning to face instruction in the fall, subject to medical exceptions, in accordance with there is already a law, and most will announce this position through social media. ”

Reports of Some Getting Pfizer, Moderna ‘Boosters’ After J&J Vaccine Invite For More Instruction

US News & World Report reports:

The 30-year-old Texas resident was inoculated against COVID-19 with a Johnson and Johnson was shot on March 31, at the first appointment he could get.

As such, if everyone is in the frustration of trying to get appointments and we are told to only get the first available vaccine. That’s why I trust it will be enough, ”he said. Then, he began to hesitate. He began reading studies on the effectiveness of the AstraZeneca vaccine, using the same vaccine technology as J&J, in different delta.

He began to worry if the J&J vaccine was enough to protect him against racism, especially after hearing from infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci Warns that diversity could be a major problem in the U.S. His concerns even urged him to stop going out sans mask and always stay home, despite assurances from federal officials that the absolute vaccinated people can return to normal life.

Send ‘Surge Teams’ to the White House at Delta Variant Hot Spots

The Hill reports:

The White House is ready COVID-19 Surge teams to be sent to communities with low vaccination rates to help combat the rapid spread. different delta of the coronavirus, officials announced Thursday.

Teams will work with local public health authorities to keep track of contact, and distribute supplies as needed or requested by states, such as therapeutics and additional tests. Teams will also help add staff to local vaccination areas.

CDC Experts Disapproval of Pfizer’s COVID Boosters, Threatening Farma Giant’s Billion -dollar Revenue

Defender reports:

Ingon Pfizer making plans to keep it going billion dollar revenue down the stream go – by assuring investors annually the booster doses of COVID will be needed long before the end of the pandemic – a group of scientists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says there is not enough data to recommend the COVID booster shot in the general population.

the COVID-19 working group of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) said on June 23, they only recommend booster shots if there is a demonstrated reduction in effectiveness –– not just a diminished antibody response.

1,000 U.S. Villages Have COVID Vaccine Coverage Less Than 30%, CDC Says

CNBC reported:

About 1,000 U.S. counties have vaccination coverage of less than 30%, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday.

The provinces in question are mostly located in the South-East and West and are more vulnerable. COVID infection, according to CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky. The agency has already seen an increase in diseases in these counties due to the increased prevalence of over -the -counter different delta, Walensky said.

Montana Governor raises State of Emergency for Coronavirus

The Associated Press Reported:

Governor Greg Gianforte on Wednesday announced that he is taking over Montana’s emergency situation for coronavirus disease, more than 15 months after it was imposed under his successor.

The Republican governor announced the move to a tour of a Billings restaurant as COVID-19 case rates continue to gradually decline.

“We’re back to normal,” Gianforte said. “The reductions in infections, the reductions in hospitalizations said we were on the other side of it.”

Anti-Diabetes Drugs Have Potential to Treat COVID, Finds in Hyderabad University Study

CNN News18 reports:

In the midst of rushing to make remedies for coronavirus, a study by a University of Hyderabad (UoH) incubated startup, discovered that an anti-diabetic drug has potential use as a ready-to-use, effective solution to the safe treatment of COVID patients.

In-vitro and in-silico studies conducted by ReaGene Innovations Private Limited, a startup company affiliated with ASPIRE-BioNEST, and INDRAS Private Limited, have shown that the anti-diabetic drug Ertugliflozin is also targeted, can give therapeutic COVID-19 infection solution.

Biden Admin Preps for Next Pandemic as Delta Variant Surges

Politico reports:

The Biden administration is also considering its approach COVID-19 Testing as the pandemic enters an uncertain phase-one in which new infections have fallen to their lowest level since the spring of 2020, but are severely contagious. Delta different driving new explosions.

Federal health officials, along with lab labs and test makers, are evaluating how to implement the lessons they learned from this pandemic to prepare for the next. It includes what kinds of government incentives can help prepare companies to quickly perform tests in the face of a new emergency, and whether to store essential test supplies. The administration also recently renewed the leadership of the COVID-19 testing and diagnostic group.

With Just a Few Virus Deaths, Australians Debate Vaccine Risks

The Associated Press reports:

Australia estimates the pandemia is much higher than many other countries – recording only one coronavirus death since October – but its success means many Australians are do not hurry to be vaccinated and that would delay the country’s return to normal.

Concerns are growing about the cost to Australia’s economy which has left countries suffering more deaths, but rushing to accept vaccines and more opening up.

Despite the small number of cases of the virus and only a few deaths, many in Australia are questioning whether there is little risk to the health of young people who are in the majority. AstraZeneca vaccines make it useful.

COVID India: Women in Rural Bihar Hesitate to Get Vaccination

The BBC reports:

On a stormy June afternoon, Madhu Kumari, a healthcare worker knocked on a door in Suraudha, a village hidden within the state of Bihar. His job: to sign people up for COVID jabs

Seeing him, some women sitting outside their houses across the street, laughed.

Moments later, a woman started coming out of the house, throwing abuses at Ms Madhu Kumari. “I’ll make your life hell if you talk about the vaccine,” moaned Tetri Devi, before putting the door in the healthcare worker’s face.

Moscow launched the Booster Vaccine Campaign as a COVID Case in Russia

Reuters reported:

Moscow health clinics will start offering booster vaccine shots against COVID-19 on Thursday, the city mayor said, as Russian officials scrambled to curb the influx blamed by many contagious Delta different.

The health ministry on Wednesday recommended clinics start giving booster doses to people who were vaccinated six months ago or more, making Russia one of the first countries to start vaccinating as well.

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