A San Francisco poll showed 70% of respondents said quality of life was declining: report – True Pundit

A recent poll was conducted on San Francisco found that 70% of respondents believed that the quality of life in the city was declining and pointed to crime and homelessness as their main concern.

SFGate.com, cites a City Beat Poll ordered by the city marketer, reports that the poll was held at the end of May and included 520 registered voters living in the city. Nearly 80% of those polled said tackling homelessness was a top priority. About 76% of those polled want more police in neighborhoods with multiple violations, the report said.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports with a 753% jump in car wrecks at the central station of the police department compared to May 2020, while there were COVID-19 bans. The paper said that thieves increased by 75% compared to 2019. – READ MORE

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