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The state of California left COVID-19 dead at 25% after some deaths were found to be ‘clearly not’ caused by the virus- One California county left COVID-19 deaths about 25% after it was determined that some deaths were not a “direct result” of the virus.

Alameda County changed the total number of coronavirus-caused deaths to 1,223, down from 1,634. – READ MORE

Fourth incentive check: The IRS sent an extra payment by mistake – here’s what to do if you have one -Millions of Americans received their third incentive check, but some of the fourth aid payment was sent incorrectly.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) mistakenly sent some additional $ 1,400 payments. – READ MORE

Federal Judge Rejects California ‘Unconstitutional’ Arms Prohibition, Torches Media – A federal judge in the Southern District of California ruled Friday that the controversial ban on “assault weapons” is unconstitutional.

“This case is not about bizarre weapons that are outside the bounds of Second Amendment protection,” Judge Roger T. Benitez wrote. “Prohibited ‘assault weapons’ are not bazookas, howitzers, or machineguns. Those arms are dangerous and can only be used for military purposes. However, weapons considered ‘assault weapons’ are a simple, popular, modern firearms. This is a common case of common firearms being used in most ways for a common purpose. ” – READ MORE

Anthony Fauci’s Emails Reveal in March Madness -Style Virus Bracket – Anthony Fauci’s emails released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which contain 3,200 pages, shown to show a March style bracket with accompanying deadly diseases, crowned coronavirus as champion.

The released emails are original Obtained by BuzzFeed News displayed the image in brackets in one of the emails on page 1,408. The bracket is titled “Dr. Fauci’s March Madness Bracketology Picks, ”below the image is dated, March 11, 2020, and signed“ —Tony F. ” – READ MORE

Anthony Fauci Ignores Email from Physicist Claiming Hydroxychloroquine Could Help Battle Coronavirus – The emails show that Dr. Anthony Fauci was advised by Erik Nielsen, a physicist and CEO of Bio-Signal Technologies, in March 2020, that two drugs could help fight the pandemic coronavirus, but this was ignored by Fauci, who admitted the email was “too much height “for him to read.

Nielsen, in the email, said he instructed his family members to take “Alvesco (cicleonide) for emergency use only.” He said his “forward-line colleagues in Japan, China, and Korea have found many pre-printed papers, that it is an effective treatment of the late stages of the COVID-19 patient.” – READ MORE

REPORT: The Highly Managed Chinese Insect Working At DIA Has ‘Direct Knowledge’ of China’s Biowe Weapons Program – and It’s Too Bad – In an exclusive RedState story, Jen Van Laar reports that sources within the intelligence community say a high -ranking defector from China has been working for months at the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). . According to Van Laar’s confidential background, that high-ranking defector claims to have knowledge of China’s special weapons programs-which include biowe weapons.

Adam Housley first reported via Twitter on Thursday that “the increased pressure on China in recent days is due to a defector with close knowledge” of the program. According to Housley, FBI director Christopher Wray “didn’t find out right away because they wanted to make sure they got everything they needed before it was told to him.” – READ MORE

California Taxpayers Get $ 8.8 Billion Gross Revenue In Other States –California, with a relatively large tax burden compared to other states, has seen a tax exodus in recent years and, with it, billions in tax revenue.

State-to-state immigration data released by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) shows that California lost an estimated net 70,534 households-or 165,355 taxpayers and their dependents-in the years 2017. -2018, with refugees taking in about $ 8.8 billion net changed the severe income of them. – READ MORE

Gather Your Children ‘Faceprint’ and ‘Voiceprint’ Today at TikTok Communist China –The TikTok app, which shares the Chinese-owned video, has updated the privacy policy to add a section saying the app will collect biometric information including “faceprints and voiceprints” from users.

TechCrunch reported that TikTok’s U.S. privacy policy change on Wednesday added a new section saying the app “may collect biometric identifiers and biometric information” from within users of users with “faceprints and voiceprints.” – READ MORE

Making Way For the Snitch State: The All -Visible Fourth Branch of Government –We were spied on by a domestic soldier of government kidnappers, spies and techno warriors.

This Peeping Toms government looks at everything we do, reads everything that is written, listens to everything that is said, and tracks everything we spend. – READ MORE

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