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Haitian President assassinated Wednesday – Haitian leader Jovenel Moïse was shot dead by unknown assailants at his private residence one night in a “barbaric act,” the government said on Wednesday, sparking fears that unrest would escalate in poor Caribbean country.

The killings, which have drawn condemnation from Washington and neighboring Latin American countries, have come with a move to gang violence in Port-au-Prince in recent months exacerbated by the growing humanitarian crisis and political turmoil. The disease has left many districts of the capital without a go-zone. – READ MORE

Trump Announces ‘Major’ Class -Action Lawsuits Against Twitter, Facebook, and Google – Former President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that he has filed lawsuits against Twitter, Facebook, and Google after companies suspended his social media accounts six months ago in his comments following the incident. Jan. 6 at the Capitol. – READ MORE

White House: Biden ‘Certainly Support’ States Re-Imposing COVID-19 Bans- President Joe Biden “definitely supports” the statement if they also implement lockdowns on COVID -19, White House secretary Jen Psaki said on July 6. – READ MORE

US Job Openings Stand to Record High, Layoffs Leave Record Low – WASHINGTON-U.S. employers are posting record highs in job openings for the second straight month as a rapidly rebounding economy has created intense demand for workers. – READ MORE

Gas Prices Rise 40% Under Democrat Joe Biden, Analysis Issues Analysts Issue About Future Prices Gas prices are rising under Democrat President Joe Biden and analysts have warned Americans that their estimates have shown that prices will continue to jump even for a few more weeks.

“The average national gas price has risen 40% since the beginning of the year, from $ 2.25 on Jan. 1 to $ 3.13 today,” the AAA reported on Tuesday. “Plus, it doesn’t stop there. Motorists can expect gas prices to rise another 10–20 cents by the end of August, bringing the national average to more than $ 3.25 this summer. ” – READ MORE

Hackers Behind Most Ransomware Attack Demand $ 70 Million – The hackers behind the recent ransomware attack at IT firm Kaseya are offering a universal decryptor software key that can unlock all affected machines at a cost of $ 70 million.

Breitbart News reports today that between 800 and 1,500 businesses worldwide have been affected by a recent ransomware attack focused on U.S. tech firm Kaseya, according to the company’s CEO. and Fred Voccola. – READ MORE

FBI Seizes ‘Fully Built US Capitol Lego Set’ from Alleged Ciot Rioter – The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has seized a “fully constructed U.S. Capitol Lego set” from the home of a man facing charges related to the Jan. 6 Capitol riots, according to a court files last week. – READ MORE

FBI Continues to Search Hundreds Six Months After Capitol Riots – Six months later, the FBI continues to search for hundreds of people suspected of involvement in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Tuesday marks six months since hundreds of supporters of former President Donald Trump descended on the Capitol building, breached security and forced their way into restricted rooms as a joint session of Congress called to prove the consequences of the presidential election. Since then, more than 500 defendants have been arrested on riot -related charges. – READ MORE

Pelosi’s Wife Makes Big Tech Stock Moves Again, Places $ 6 Million Bet As Congress Seeks to See Silicon Valley – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) husband will pay up to $ 6 million to parent companies Google Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and NVIDIA, before a House committee goes ahead with multiple bills looking to limit the power of Big Tech corporations.

On June 18, Paul Pelosi exercised his Alphabet calling options, giving him the right to purchase 4,000 shares at a price of $ 1,200 each, totaling $ 4.8 million, according to disclosed transactions. On May 21, he spent up to $ 250,000 on 50 Apple calls with a strike price of $ 100, and spent up to $ 1 million on 20 Amazon calls with a strike price of $ 3,000, both of which end. on June 17, 2022. – READ MORE

Pelosi’s Wife Buys Amazon Calls Before Pentagon Uprising JEDI Shakeup Rises Shares – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) revealed from her ivory tower last week that her investor husband, Paul Pelosi, is now profiting from various securities.

For starters, Pelosi bought Amazon calls on May 21 to close it at $ 3,259.05. Six weeks ahead and good news for Amazon after the Pentagon took the reins from Microsoft’s $ 10 billion JEDI cloud computing deal (opening the door for Bezos), and the sale looks nice. – READ MORE

How Many Businesses Use Multiple Governments to Kill Competition – Politicians say they pass laws to “protect Americans from too much business.”

People want to hear that. Many don’t like a lot of business.

Admittedly, most people don’t realize that those laws can always help a lot of businesses while hurting consumers.

“Big business and big government are not enemies as most think they are,” American Enterprise Institute colleague Tim Carney said in my new video. “If the government moves, whether through spending or taxes or regulation, big people, there are a lot of business benefits.” – READ MORE

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