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Thousands of Australians Protest Lockdowns in Sydney, Melbourne – Thousands of Australians staged COVID-19 lockdowns marching in Sydney and Melbourne on Saturday as part of the “World Wide Rally for Freedom” protests. – READ MORE

Protesters Outraged Across Europe as Lockdown, Start of Vaccination Mandates – Anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine passport protests erupted across Europe on Saturday, according to media photos and videos. – READ MORE

The World Has It Flu Lockdowns: Protests at Boulders Around the World – People around the world have stood up and fought against China’s flu lockdown and ordered the vaccine just 477 days since we were told we only need “15 days to wipe the curve.”

Anti-riot police battled protesters in central Paris, using tear gas to crack down on angry rioters tired of pointless lockdowns, passports in physical fitness, and a possible mandatory vaccination plan for healthcare workers. More than 100,000 people took to the streets to show their disapproval of COVID bans, including “COVID-Free” letters allowing them to enter restaurants and cinemas. – READ MORE

Israel Finds 39 Percent Effectiveness of Pfizer Vaccine in Ending Delta Multiple Infections: Reports – Israeli health officials on Thursday reported that Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine is 39 percent effective at preventing infections with a more contagious variety in the Delta, while noting that the vaccine remains effective to prevent severe illness and hospitalization, according to reports. – READ MORE

Report: Vaccinated Contains 75% of Coronavirus Infections in Singapore – Vaccinated individuals comprise the majority of new coronavirus infections in Singapore, according to government data.

According to Reuters, vaccinated people accounted for three -quarters of coronavirus infections in the country last month, even though cases of the vaccinated were severe – READ MORE

UK Working on Plans for Annual Coronavirus Vaccine, Vaccine Passports Confirmed: Minister – Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi confirmed that the government will pursue vaccine passports as a condition of entering nightclubs and is exploring China’s annual booster strategy against coronavirus.

Speaking to the House of Commons on Thursday, Mr Zahawi said the government would continue to co -administer the seasonal flu and coronavirus vaccine, saying: “The mobilization plan will go early – in early September – for the Covid boost. and flu campaign However, he will find out that the flu is not in the Covid category as it is endemic. We have asked to move Covid where the flu has an annual vaccination program, but this virus is very different to deal with. ” – READ MORE

Klobuchar’s Plan to Fight ‘Wrong Information’ Vaccine With HHS Judgment What You Can Post Online – On behalf of prominent vaccine critics, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D – Minn.) Has proposed a bill that would remove liability protections from online platforms that spread so -called “misinformation.” Klobuchar’s research, unveiled Thursday, would make an exception to Section 230, the 1996 law that protects online platforms from liability for user -generated content, to prevent “misleading health information that created or developed through interactive computer services. ” In plain English: If a social media site like Facebook or Twitter uses its algorithm to increase the spread of anti-vaccine posts, for example, then the site itself could be charged with contentious content.

The engraving is a narrow one, applying only at the time public health emergencies are declared. During an emergency, the Health Misinformation Act will give the Department of Health and Human Services the authority to determine what is considered “misinformation.” Courts need to know a website’s liability when someone brings a lawsuit. – READ MORE

‘They Seize’: ‘Shrinkflation’ Hits Consumers As Biden Inflation Rises –As inflation has risen in recent months, customers have noticed a trend, “recession,” in which companies are packing their sales in such a way that they sell less product while remaining the same. price.

Steve Reed, an economist with the Bureau of Labor Statistics, explains the term to ABC News: “Shrinkflation” is a term used to describe the implicit increase in the price of an item by a slight decrease in amount or quantity of a package… is the usual explanation.Consumers may not notice a small decrease in size or quantity or less negative reaction to them compared to a clearly higher price. ” – READ MORE

Analyst: Gavin Newsom Recall Prevents Southern California from Closing Again – Governor Gavin Newsom’s looming election precludes the closure of Southern California, according to Professor Marcia Godwin of the University of La Verne, given a rapid rise in COVID-19 cases that are about to run. the increase.

The Orange County Register reports that if California’s old color color system existed, Los Angeles County would be in the most restrictive “purple” category, with more than 10 cases per 100,000 cases. man, while nearby unties are in the “red” category. – READ MORE

Biden DOJ drops civil rights investigation to Governor Cuomo regarding nursing homes and COVID -19 –The Department of Justice has decided not to investigate whether the civil rights of residents of the New York government’s residential area were violated by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s controversial admission policy in connection with COVID- 19 pandemic.

In a letter Friday, the DOJ’s Office of Legislative Affairs told U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.), Member of the House Subcomm Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis, that New York is not on the hook in relation to potential Civil Violations. Institutional Behavioral Rights. – READ MORE

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