Woman in Lockdown Competing with HOUSE MONSTER

Fans of visual footage and techno-horror will want to check it out Monster in the House when it comes to DVD and VOD starting September 7 from Wild Eye Releasing! And now we have a trailer.

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Check out the trailer for Monster in the House and read more about the movie below!

A struggling actress quarantined the house to escape a global pandemic. Someone joined him.

Monster in the House written and directed by David Ax; the film stars Mike Amason, Aaron Blomberg, Jennifer Hill, and Josh Kern.

Monster in the House is the latest in a wave of zoom-set horror movies that took place during a pandemic. This is an obvious product of the Coremavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns around the world. Even if we appear to turn a corner and put the pandemic in the background, the experience could be transferred to more horror movies in the years to come.

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