Texas House Speaker Issues First Guarantee Guarantee for Fugitive Democrat Who Rules the State

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan (R) was released an arrest warrant on Sunday for the Democratic Rep. Philip Cortez, who fled the state along with other Democrats in Washington DC to stone a pair of GOP-backed electoral integrity bills (and later became a super-spreader).

Citing his constitutional duty to do so, Phelan ordered the sergeant-at-arm or “any officer he designated” to arrest Cortez, after the Democratic Rep. promises to return to Austin for a “dialogue of good faith”With his fellow legislators voting. Cortez, however, made a quick 180 and returned to Washington to meet with nearly 60 Democratic lawmakers, according to Washington Examiner.

Cortez’s first request to return to the Lone Star State was met dagmal sa from fellow Democrats, even if the legislator said his decision to return to the district was due to the lack of “significant consequences” of his conversion to House Republicans regarding voting bills.

“After discussions about improving House Bill 3 did not bring progress, I am reunited with my fellow Democrats in Washington, DC I stand firm in my determination to remain in the Democratic Caucus until the end of the special session and do what is necessary to fight for freedom to vote for all. the Texans, ”He said SAYS in a statement. -Washington Examiner

Phelan, meanwhile, said Cortez is “irreversibly closed” to his “trust and confidence in this room.”

“As a condition of being granted permission to temporarily leave the House floor, Rep. Cortez has promised his colleagues in the House that he will return,” he added. “However, he fled the state.

Democratic theaters are following an order by Governor Greg Abbott to discuss Senate Bill 1 and House Bill 3 – legislation that prohibit drive-thru voting, strengthen voter ID requirements for ball-in ballots, and prevent officials from sending voting applications to people who have not asked for them. While SB 1 was passed by the Senate, HB 3 was stalled due to the Democrats ’position.

The arrest warrant follows a vote earlier this month by House Republicans on take lawmakers “under a warrant of arrest if necessary,” following the actions of the Democrats. As the analyst additional letters, “The Washington excursion raised eyebrows among ethics experts after state Rep. Armando Walle announced the cost of the excursion ahead of $ 1.5 million by the time it ends, as he points out, chartered private flights to Washington cost only $ 100,000. “

Democrats say taxpayer funds were not used for the trip – though Republicans in the state noted that up to $ 1 million would be paid to Texans for delaying a special session.

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