Spain’s Proposed “National Security Law” Will Allow Seizure of Citizens’ Property During a “Health Crisis”

The famous Spanish everyday The country reports a frightening scenario in which the Spanish central government makes a national mobilization and “security law” that force “temporary” citizens to give up their rights in times of future public health crisis or emergencies such as those in the coronavirus pandemic.

The law is currently at the level of a single proposal but concerns are raised to raise public health issues to the level of ‘national security’ – as The country spells out based on a translation of reporting it: “Any person of legal age has an obligation to enforce the‘ personal obligations ’required by the competent authorities, following the guidelines of the National Security Council, if a state of crisis is declared by Spain. In this case, all excluded citizens must abide by the orders and instructions issued by the authorities.

This sounds not enough to suggest in fact nothing can be infinite about the comprehensive legal use of state authorities to access people’s personal lives only on the grounds of a national crisis. And going forward there is little or nothing that sets a clear standard for what legally constitutes such a crisis.

Throughout the demise we have already seen many areas of Europe, especially Canada, where government officials have essentially wielded such enormous power to force citizens to conform. Now Spain intends to permanently write this scenario into law.

Consider how far-fetched this Orwellian proposal could be, as reported in The country:

In the event that a state of crisis is declared in Spain (‘state of interest of National Security’ is the name given by law), the authorities may also continue to temporarily claim all other property, intervention or temporary employment requirements or the suspension of all separate activity.

Proponents of future legislation seek to assure the public that the “fee” will later follow; however, it clearly gives permanent and indefinite power to any ruling government that decides to implement it in the face of a real or fabricated “crisis”.

Keep in mind that crazy enforced regulations like * outside * masks?

Here even more private citizenship is viewed as ‘militarized’ underneath the proposed law:

The duty applies not only to all citizens but also includes companies and legal entities that cooperate with the authorities to overcome the crisis, through a provision of a personal or material nature. The text is based on article 30 of the Constitution, according to it “The Spaniards have a duty and a right to defend Spain.”

This is the same article governing compulsory military service (suspended in Spain since 2001), although it does not refer to its 2nd section, in which the “Spanish military obligations”, but in the 4th, according to which, “By law, the duties of citizens can be prevented in cases of serious danger, disaster or public disaster”, a constitutional provision whose progress remains unpublished to date.

Another important detail related to the media, which had to be ‘temporarily’ changed to exclusively serve the state’s official propaganda in order to “protect Spain” as a state of war.

Among other innovations, the draft has obligation of the media to cooperate with competent authorities in disseminating information of a nature of avoidance or running. The most important thing, however, it consists of measures to prevent the recurrence of shortages of products and critical products to deal with a crisis, such as the shortage of masks, respirators and PPE that occur when starting the spread of infections.

The draft law was first unveiled at a meeting of the Council of Ministers on June 22, the report agreed. There is little doubt that Spain should really use the more controversial expansion of state powers for an ambiguous “crisis” – other European countries will follow and probably will.

We’ve seen some political officials and pundits actually pushing for similar measures in the US and Britain… as it’s sad the “what’s next” waiting for us in the next “world health crisis” ahead – however it is not clearly defined.

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