Drivers of the New UFO Narrative Continue to Have Nothing Really Said to Be Dangerous ETs

I know as much as I can about new UFO account the political / media class was pushed alongside the U.S. military to prepare for the Senate report on that due for release this month.

One of the unthinkable things I’ve always seen from all the major players in this new account like Lue Elizondo and Christopher Mellon is the untrue statement that it’s just not possible that the left known events frequently witnessed by military personnel. the origin of the extraterrestrial, but if they were extraterrestrials they probably wanted to hurt us.

Mellon, the former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense for Intelligence who helped bring back the ball of UFOs that entered mainstream attention in 2017 when he released three Pentagon videos on The New York Times, expressed that he saw the extraterrestrial origin as a possible explanation for these wonders.

“We don’t understand how you can do something like that,” Mellon said in a recently spoke to CTV News of the incomprehensible maneuvers and appearances allegedly displayed by the aircraft. “We don’t even understand the science behind it. Not like someone with a couple generations of fighter jets behind us; I mean it’s a whole different class, not degree. ”

Asked why pilots of mysterious aircraft with incomprehensible advances in science might want to keep an eye on the U.S. military, Mellon said the following:

“Perhaps for the same reason we know: to figure out what a different threat we can pose to them. If a conflict arises they want us to be able to participate effectively, we lose quickly, at the minimum cost of life and wealth, as we do on the other side.We do the same different things; we don’t have vehicles like this, but we are certainly actively guarding the military forces of other countries . ”

The idea that UFOs could endanger people if their alleged operators were from our own world or from others was promoted by the chief drivers of this strange new scheme, and it was enthusiastic. attached to the many UFO enthusiasts who saw its framing. phenomena as a threat to national security as the best way to get key power structures to take them seriously and disclose information to the public.

This can be bothersome for a couple of different reasons. First, it is of course troublesome because one should be bothered at any hour that military and intelligence officials make unsubstantiated claims that there is a foreign threat to U.S. security. The further idea that this foreign threat could be from another world carries all different implications for what different unprecedented radical policy and funding adjustments need to be made to curb the assumption. threat, and it would take an awful amount of believing that those fixes could be for that reason at this time of the year instead of the very obvious reason that the U.S. is in a new and growing cold war with Russia and China.

Second, it is disturbing because so much has been said about human insanity that people believe that UFOs can simultaneously be the product of an extremely high extraterrestrial civilization, and can be a threat as well. They can be one or the other, but not the same.

In our own little recorded history, humanity has matured mentally and emotionally in our time on the planet. We no longer accept that it is normal for our governments to torture anyone to death in the plaza, for example, and to own another person as property that is now seen as evil. We still have a mountain of deep demons to defeat, but you also can’t deny that we do more conscious and peaceful world for ourselves than we once lived.

Imagine how much more advanced an intelligent life form would be if it began to mature millions of years before us. Imagine how a civilization could emotionally and intellectually to get rid of all the dangers inflicted by its own intelligence it has given us like the dangers our intelligence has given us today, if it had. passed the good test and cleared the obstacle in its maturation process, and subsequently continued to mature thousands or millions of years ago to the point we are today.

When I bring it online people say to me, “Well look at what Europeans do when they meet indigenous populations! That’s what happens when a more advanced civilization meets the non. very advanced. ”

You see this ridiculous idea being pushed everywhere, including supposedly smart people who want to Stephen Hawking, that Europeans who met the indigenous peoples of Africa, Australia and America are a good model for what we can expect from an encounter with a civilization millions of years older. than us. This reveals a erroneous assumption that genocidal Europeans are actually “more advanced” than other people they meet around the world; they’re a bit more technologically advanced, but any research into the horrible things they do to people will show you that they’re still emotionally young by today’s standards. It also looks at humans starting to evolve on the same planet at the same time compared to extraterrestrials that would have started to evolve before us.

Beyond the fact that we have seen in our own experience that an intelligent consciousness will do. continue to expand its consciousness later on, the more frightening evidence that UFOs pose no threat to us if they are extraterrestrials is that if they did, they would have taken us away before. UFO encounters have been recorded for many generations; there’s nothing people can do to stop an evolving race that commands the magnitude of technology beyond us, no matter what the movie says.

If extraterrestrials are here they obviously don’t want to hurt us, and why? What can we do to make them want? In the unlikely event that there is a class element or origin here that they need, there is no reason to believe that they cannot get it elsewhere, or in fact that they cannot do it themselves at the level of understanding. science they want. should be from.

The idea that a civilization can achieve a level of development comparable to ours, successfully learning to share resources and working together enough to avoid wiping itself out, continues to mature. long time ago, master interstellar, intergalactic, and / or interdimensional travel, create an airplane that can fly the way described by the people who encountered them, and then fly around the world to kill a group that is almost undeveloped primates for some reason are useless in the face of it, and even if such a thing could already happen These are the people who surround their own folly with an assumption that is different than ours. , myopic is thought to be that our collective insanity is a kind of immovable quality of consciousness itself.

I sat down a lot of video footage on this topic, and I was disappointed to hear all the men who think the military talk about the need to know what the “skills” of these things are and how it can be prevented from posing a threat to “national security”. If we are not really alone in this universe and have actually been visited by other civilizations, these are completely silly questions we can ask ourselves about them. It’s not how we contact them, it’s not possible to talk to them, it’s not what we learn from them, it’s not where they come from and what their story is, but how we kill them if we have to.

I have no idea if ETs will visit us, but if we are the military in the United States it is literally the most serious thing that can be used by our species to connect with them.

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