Businesses on Stage Remembrance Day Weekend Will Return After Lockdown

BALTIMORE (WJZ) – This Japan Day Memorial is not only the unofficial start of the summer, but it could be the time to start building businesses after a struggle through COVID-19 for 15 months.

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Economists say business is thriving back in many industries. After the lockdown, being alone and having to practice social isolation for more than a year, people will return to society and they will be willing to spend the money they have been holding back since 2020.

“We are open Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at all three locations. We expect it to be busy, ”said Mary Jo Gilmore with Sassanova.

The parking lot at Green Spring Station in Lutherville is full. Inside Sassanova, the retailer has a good problem.

“With everything that’s going on in the world today, it’s hard to get sales. So when people find something they want, they buy it because there is only limited inventory, so they grab things, ”Gilmore said.

A report from the Commerce Department on Friday said consumer spending rose in April. Experts say vaccinated Americans build up the courage to go out and they spend on things like food, spa dates and travel. You can also expect it to be busy with hotels and airports.

“I think people will take advantage of the ability to come out and gather, gather, enjoy all the things we’ve postponed,” Drs. Daraius Irani, an economist at Towson University. “I saw the photo from DC yesterday. People from eating, it is most reminiscent of pre -pandemic levels. All that endless need for pleasure, freeing ourselves in the summer because people stop on vacations, people stop family reunions, all the things we do in the life we ​​put in a year. ”

Restaurants, one of the hardest hit industries are now seeing a comeback again. The owners keep moving around the clock. At Papi’s Tacos in Hampden, that means expanding the dining area beyond the walls. They added more than a dozen tables for outdoor dining.

“What I feel on the street is that everyone is ready to put it in the mirror mirror and MovOn and I think we are ready to do it safely still wearing a mask inside,” said the owner. Charlie Gjerde.

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