Biden Promises to Release COVID-19 Initial Report “Unless There’s Something I Don’t Know”

Fortunately President Biden released a 90-day U.S. Intelligence community review of where COVID-19 came from, unless there are these surprises.

Shortly before boarding Air Force One for a Thursday three in Ohio, Biden was troubled as to whether he planned to release the intelligence report, to which he replied “Yes,” adding “unless there’s something I don’t know.


As we are noticed on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after CNN threw Biden under the bus for canceling a State Department effort launched under Trump to get under the start of COVID-19, Biden’s back turnedruling the U.S. intelligence community to conduct a 90 -day investigation on how the pandemic began.

In a statement by The White House website, the Biden administration admitted prosecution of officers various possibilities – including “whether it came out of human contact with an infected animal or from a laboratory accident, ”It is clear that the administration is in full damage control mode.

We expect the 90 -day review to be completed that ‘the virus could come from anywhere, and there is equally little evidence” that the virus, which first appeared in Wuhan, China, could come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where they change The coronavirus bats to better infect humans, or whether the pandemic started through a ‘natural origin’-saying that one as yet undiscovered mediators are species cause a mat strain that naturally mutates.

“The U.S. intelligence community doesn’t know exactly where, when or how the Covid-19 virus was first transmitted,” according to DNI spokeswoman Amanda Schoch, who said the agencies in intelligence combines two likely scenarios, in line with New York Times.

“The IC continues to examine all available evidence, consider different perspectives, and aggressively collect and analyze new information to determine the origin of the virus,” Schoch added.

We can’t think of common sense or Occam’s razor -sharp causes.

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