Assange’s Analysis Relied on False Testimony From a Diagnosed Sociopath and Convicts Pedophile

The Icelandic newspaper The time reports that a key witness in the U.S. prosecution of Julian Assange admitted in an outlet interview that he made the critical accusations in the indictment against WikiLeaks builder.

“A key witness in the U.S. Department of Justice case against Julian Assange has admitted forming key charges in the lawsuit against the founder of Wikileaks,” The time reports. “The witness, who has a documented history of sociopathy and has received multiple convictions for sexual abuse of minors and widespread financial fraud, made an entry into a new na- published interview with Stundin in which he also testified that he continued his offense while working with the Department of Justice and FBI and received a pledge of resistance from prosecution. ”

This chief witness was Sigurdur “Sigi” Thordarson of Iceland, a paid the FBI information who after his brief association with WikiLeaks has already found guilty of sexual abuse of nine men as well embezzlement, fraud, and theft in his homeland. A court -appointed psychologist is available he was found to be a sociopath.

“The court found that Sigurður in all senses was a sociopath, suffering from a severe anti-human personality disorder. However, the court found that he was aware of it. the difference between right and wrong and inconceivable is foolish and therefore good. Magazine in Iceland reports in 2015 in the Thordarson child abuse case.

This was all made public when the U.S. government set up its case to extradite Julian Assange to America and try him under the Patriot Act for press activity in which U.S. war crimes were exposed, a prosecution in which Assange is still incarcerated in Belmarsh Prison while awaiting Washington’s appeal that a UK court denied the extradition request. And now we know for a fact that the ugly man whose testimony has been the basis for much of the persecution is a liar.

“U.S. officials presented an updated version of a charge against him to the Magistrates’ court in London last summer,” The time states “The veracity of the information recorded therein is directly contradicted by the principal witness, based on the evidence.”

What this means is the US decided to add more accusations in its earlier charge for charging a reporter for basic statement work too weak of self, and now this judgment has bitten them in the ass.

The authors of the article explained contrary to the indictment’s claims that, “Thordarson has now admitted to Stundin that he was never asked by Assange to hack or access the phone recordings of MPs” and “further asserted that the claim, that Assange ordered or asked him to access computers in order to search for any records, was false.”

Thordarson’s testimony was quoted by British Magistrate Vanessa Baraitser when she gave her verdict on the extradition request which is now under appeal, and it seems pretty silly now that we know it’s bogus. His judgment reiterated the prosecution’s claim that Assange “asked the Teenager [code for Thordarson] to hack computers to obtain information including audio recordings of telephone conversations between high-ranking officials, including members of Parliament, ”but Thordarson has now dismissed this claim. .

As the verdict on the extradition request reads, “Mr. Assange and Teenager are said to have failed in a joint attempt to decrypt a file stolen from a ‘1 NATO country” [ code for Iceland] bank ”, explains Thordarson The time that “this actually refers to a well-publicized activity where an encrypted file is released from an Icelandic bank and is believed to contain information about unpaid loans provided by Icelandic Landsbanki, “and that” No one supports the claim that this file was even ‘stolen’ per se, as it is considered to have been distributed by whistleblowers from within the failed bank. “

While the judge reiterated the claim that Assange “used unauthorized access given to him by a source, to access a country government website 1 that NATO used to track down police car, “Thordarson said. The time that “Assange never asked for any such access.”

These revelations are completely destructive.

“This is the end of the case against Julian Assange,” tweet NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, increasing, “If Biden continues to seek the extradition of a publisher under a charge of high to low false testimony claimed by the self -proclaimed star witness, the damage to the United States’ reputation for freedom of journalism will last for a generation. It is inevitable. “

“Now it’s time to have an international questioning of how Sweden, the UK, the US, Ecuador and Australia handled the Julian Assange case. My FOIA provides evidence that there is nothing normal in this case,” tweet investigator journalist Stefania Maurizi.

It is well said that the most powerful government in the world, with all due to unlimited resources, should build the case against Assange on false testimony from a diagnosed sociopath and convicted molester of child. That’s how strong their case is against a reporter that only “crime” tells the truth about the powerful.

This is when we get to know Assange and his lawyers under surveillance by the CIA, that he afflicted, that his seven -year de facto imprisonment prior to his two -year residency in Belmarsh arbitrary detention and unreasonable from the beginning, and that the excuse to keep him there himself sad.

This is a mistake. The fact that this man is staying behind bars is an outrage.

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