As the lockdown lengthens, a magic workshop, theater and talk will keep you happy at home.

Based in Pune Aaah: A Literacy and Cultural Center held a magic workshop with magician Akshaya. It is designed for children over six years of age and aims to improve their creativity, productivity and social and communication skills. Children will be taught five magic tricks that can be done at home and done without practice. On June 5, 4 pm-6pm. Donor pass: Rs 300.

Professor Osmund Bopearachchi, the Emeritus Director of Research at the French National Center for Scientific Research, will give a speech, entitled “Hindu gods in the art of Gandhāran: Brahmā, Indra, Śiva, Viṣṇu and Sūrya”, which are tested to examine the symbolism concealed by the presence of Hindu gods in the art of Gandhāran in the light of coins, paintings and sculptures. on Facebook Mabuhi. Charges: Free.

The Avchetan Theater shows a dramatic reading of the classical Girish Karnad play Tughlaq, about an idealistic Sultan of Delhi in the 14th century, Muhammad bin Tughlaq, whose optimistic ideas always end in disaster. with far -reaching consequences for people. Insider View. Charges: Rs 149.

What would your life look like if you looked at it badly through a window? Kerala -based Rayaroth Theater House explored the theme through a play, titled Nights Through A Window. It consists of a collage of experimental pieces surrounding scenes such as a mother trying to put her child to sleep, a clown who doesn’t want her child to be in the box and a wife struggling with his daily work while the world slept. Video requested by Insider. Billing: Rs 100

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