Ahmaud Arbery’s Father Speaks the Forbidden Phrase of the Call for the People

Following Wednesday’s pending verdict in the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial, his father while welcoming “justice served” after conviction and life sentences handed down for three white men accused of murder in the southern neighborhood of Georgia, loudly expressed. that phrase you don’t have to say – at least according to the dictates of woke mobs and media elites…

“Not just Black kids” … All life is important…

“We defeated the lynch mob,” Marcus Arbery Sr. said. outside the Glynn County Courthouse. “We got that lynch mob… letting you know that the life of the Black kid doesn’t matter.”

In fact, all life is important, not just black kids. We don’t want no one to go through this. I don’t want no dad to see their son killed or shot like that. So, we all have a problem. We all have problems. ”

Journalist Glenn Greenwald points out that this is yet another example of how the Liberal elite media is gatekeeping away from the living reality and experience of everyday people…

Don’t let the employees of media corporations convince you that they are speaking for the people for whose name they claim to be speaking. They don’t. Poll data and moving scenes like this repeatedly showing the huge gap between elite discourse and dominant sentiments.

Naturally this is what prompts MSM gatekeepers to overdrive and cope with extreme hardship, attempting to ultra fine parse the difference between “lives” and “lives”-based on Arbery Sr.’s statement.

For a fictitious example, Newsweek want to let it go readers know that “Some outlets and reporters misquoted Marcus Arbery Sr., however, suggesting he used a controversial slogan in connection with criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Despite the even more glaring confirmation of the role of mainstream media in public discourse…

Reprinted from ZeroHedge.com with permission

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