3 roadblocks to COVID-19 vaccine passports

The use of digital COVID-19 vaccine passports, or vaccination proofs, has raised concerns about privacy and practical use of the technology in private and public settings.

Here are three challenges faced by coronavirus vaccine passports, according to a June 15 report. New York Times report.

1. The U.S. does not have a centralized federal vaccine database, which means that anyone who creates a digital vaccine certificate must obtain vaccination data from individual states, which can be an issue for states. opposed to health transmission initiatives.

2. Some issues are related to passport terminology. Because passports are issued by a government to verify personal data such as a person’s legal name and date of birth, some people are afraid if they need to have someone related to the coronavirus they have. provide their sensitive health data that could be stolen or used. for other purposes.

3. The World Health Organization has not yet returned to requiring vaccination passports for travel because of uncertainty as to whether inoculation prevented transmission of the virus, as well as equity concerns. WHO has partnered with several agencies to develop standards and specifications on a potentially world -recognized, digital vaccination certificate.

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