Goa Governor In Bombay High Court

The Government of Goa last week submitted before the Bombay High Court (in Goa) that Ivermectin drugs are used only for therapeutic purposes and not for prophylaxis.

A vacation bank at Justice SC Gupte and Justice MS Sonak found thus while hearing a clutch of PILs about the management of Covid-19 in the state.

The issues before the Court

Use of Ivermectin

Regarding the use of Ivermectin, an advocate for one of the petitioners opposed the government prescription of Ivermectin even in healthy patients (even if they did not show symptoms of COVID).

The issue raised by the petitioner regarding its primary use and therefore, the State Government submitted that even the State expert committee, recommended even the prophylactic use of Ivermectin, although, at present, Ivermectin, is given to all suspected and symptomatic patients only.

In this, the Court said,

It does not appear that as of now the State is promoting prophylactic use of medicines. In the case notwithstanding what the State does in the future, it is open to petitioners to raise appropriate objections and the matter in that case will be dealt with by this Court with further orders to be passed.. “

Oxygen supply to the State of Goa

The State submitted that at present there is an adequate supply of oxygen in the State and none of the medicinal plants including GMC are facing any shortage.

It is submitted that out of the total requirement of 55 metric tons of Oxygen per day for the State of Goa, about 46 metric tons are provided by the Central Government, while 15 metric tons per day of Oxygen is produced by the four unit.

It was also stated that the State Government is in the process of installing PSA Plants approved by the Central Government in various areas of the State and also, that the State has a buffer supply of Oxygen Flow Meters, Oximeter, and essential medicines. . .


The State also submitted that it is in the process of continuing a long -term campaign to educate people on the importance of vaccination and see that people from the age of 45+ go ahead for vaccination.

The State has also stated that it is issuing tenders for taking doses from private supporters. In it, the Court ordered the State to introduce, in concrete terms, the number of doses available to the State as well as the timeline for taking them.


The Court noted that the State had obtained an adequate response and also put on record the protocol it had prepared for the analysis and treatment of Mucormycosis.

The State has also demonstrated its readiness with medicines and other infrastructure for the future escalation and treatment of Mucormycosis as a result of post-Covid complications.

Finally, the Court asked the State to provide an update on the stock of medicines received from the Union for this specific treatment at a later date.

The Court also ordered the State Government to carry out an electrical audit of equipment used in Covid Hospitals and Covid Care Centers in accordance with the applicable standard protocol, while managing fire extinguishers in compliance with the directions of the Supreme Court for this.

Finally, the Court also ordered the State Government to make an effort to obtain a checklist from every panchayat village in the State towards community readiness for the Covid-19 response in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedure of Covid-19 interior and management of urban, town, and tribal areas, issued by the Government of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on 16.05.2021.

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