Another ‘Conspiracy Theory of the Right Wrong’ Can Be Proof Correct

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If only we lived in the fairytale land, where watching the little child the emperor naked clothes people in reality. In modern America, however, the disclosure of erroneous prejudices is met with a diminution of powers that once were, continuing to trade in other untruths.

For more than a year, government experts and their stenographers at our most famous media outlet have denied what is clear to anyone with a modicum of common sense-that the COVID-19 pandemic started in Wuhan , China, may have originated in the Wuhan lab where scientists conducted risky research on coronaviruses.

Without strong evidence for their pet theory – that the virus spread from animals to humans – they dismiss any and all suggestions that could have released the deadly pathogen from in the lab like rambling on racist conspiracies. Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms enforced the party line by canceling those who dared to question it.

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That narrative was challenged earlier this month when the New York Times reporter Nicholas Wade wrote an authoritative article detailing why it is LIKELY that irresponsible scientists, instead of infected animals, are developing a disease that kills at least 3.5 million people worldwide, nearly 600,000 of them Americans. As an unscrupulous reporter, Wade did not admit that he solved the COVID-19 myth, so the long-lost lab leak theory is a strong possibility.

Like the famous boy who had the courage to notice the emperor’s nakedness, Wade’s piece finally opened the water gates to the search for the truth. After closing first with an inquiry in the lab leak theory – and described Donald Trump as racist and xenophobic for alleging that the Chinese could be responsible for the pandemic-President Biden broke the course, calling for a new investigation into the beginning of COVID.

Meanwhile, the scales are suddenly falling out of the eyes of many prominent journalists who have long denigrated or ignored the lab leak theory. One of the more numerous links is written by Donald G. McNeil Jr., which led to COVID’s coverage of the New York Times until he was forced to leave the role earlier this year because of differently imposed remarks he had made years earlier.

Surprisingly, McNeil admits there was a lot of evidence for the lab leak earlier. He admitted that many of the articles Wade cited to support his argument were “not new to the most serious and educated followers on this subject, but new to much of the public debate.” We don’t know because writers like McNeil don’t give much weight. McNeil linked to a series of published pieces April 22, 2020, June 2020, ug November 2020.

How could McNeil and others go wrong? One big reason is that many leaders of the scientific community – in a denial of their obligation to open up to questioning – claim they have solved the puzzle. In February 2020, before the United States was recognized its first recorded death was from COVID, 27 leading virologists published a letter in the British medical journal Lancet “strongly condemned[ed] conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 has no natural origin. “That March, the American journal Nature Medicine published a letter signed by 30 scientists saying,“ Our analyzes clearly showed that SARS-CoV-2 is not a laboratory construction. “

These assurances are timeless. While we can forgive reporters for taking the word of their origins, note that reporters are not supposed to dictate. Their job is to challenge claims, even from experts. This responsibility became all the more urgent as counter-evidence emerged. We don’t know why scientists and science writers are so eager to close the avenues of questioning, but McNeil’s piece suggests that animus is political.

“For about a year,” he wrote, “[the view of those Lancet and Nature Medicine researchers] is the general genius of science writers. The ‘lab-leak theory’ moved back to the right place where it started-won by the people who brought us to Pizzagate, the Plandemic, If Flu, Q-Anon, Stop the Steal, and the January invasion of the Capitol 6. It is left with the fact that everyone who supports it seems to hate not only the Democrats and the Communist Party of China, but even the Chinese themselves. This has sparked racist rumors such as ‘Chinese labs sell their dead experimental animals in food markets. “

McNeil’s former colleague at the Times, David Leonhardt, agreed, introducing the removal of the leak theory in the lab as a “classic example of groupthink, exacerbated by partisan polarization.”

While we hope for a full and honest account of the origin of COVID-19, we need to recognize that it is not just a story of a virus, but of cancer targeting key institutions. We now have clear evidence that the people who largely run our country – the mainstream media, the Silicon Valley lords, the Democrat party leaders – have severely misled the country with the two most common stories. in the last five years: Trump / Russia and COVID-19.

Their not real mistakes, but deliberate attempts to deceive. They are not interested in finding the truth but in delegating their political enemies. Exposing their failures does not lead to lower self -examination. Instead they continue the playbook – unopposed as they wipe out and punish the brave to give them a challenge – as they insist on the absolute truth of other untrue claims: that America is filled with systematic racism and white supremacy. , that the January 6 Capitol protest was an insurrection aimed at overthrowing the government, that climate change was a major threat to life on the planet.

Deceivers have lost their claim to moral authority. But, at the present time, they still have power.

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