White House Teams Join Snapchat to Encourage Youth to Get Vaccinated + More • Protecting Children’s Health

In “This Week” with Mary Holland, head of Child Health, and Polly Tommey, co-producer of “Vaxxed,” Mary and Polly discuss the latest COVID vaccine news.

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This week, Mary Holland, Protecting the Health of Children (CHD) president, and Polly Tommey, co-producer of “Modified, ”Close the latest COVID headline, attached heart problems of vaccine youth in Connecticut post-COVID, what Snapchat and the White House together to vaccinate teenagers, and creative schools pep-rally atmospheres with mascots, food and prizes to encourage students to get the COVID vaccine.

Mary and Polly also talk about what Merck is with celebs to push childhood vaccines, Germany plans to start vaccination children 12 to 15 for COVID and the enrollment of children 6 months to 11 years of age in a Moderna vaccine study at the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit.

Here are some highlights this week:

  • The Telegraph issued a recovery for a May 11 article claiming children 12 to 15-years-old are one of the age groups most responsible for the spread of COVID. The Telegraph admitted it lacked evidence to back up the claim.
  • Pediatricians in Texas are sounded the alarm of the greater reduction in vaccination rates among infants in Texas. A new study comparing vaccination rates from 2019 to 2020, found 5-month-old Texas infants saw a 47% decrease, while 16-month-old infants saw a 58% decrease. Mary said, “That means kids are less likely to get autism.”
  • A young mother fought for his life after vaccination Pfizer / BioNTech COVID caused 14 anaphylactic shocks and brought him into an induced coma.
  • the AstraZeneca vaccine for the first time is associated with ischemic strokes to happen when blood to blood shape and block the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. Two women aged 30 and a man aged 40 suffered ischemic strokes after being vaccinated.
  • A healthy, 38-year-old woman from Colorado almost die after vaccination COVID causes severe bleeding and organ failure. He is now calling for a federal payment system for COVID vaccine injuries.. “It is very irresponsible for the government to encourage everyone to get it if there is no adequate reporting system for injuries and there is no adequate compensation program,” Mary said.
  • The Biden administration is considered vaccine passport for international travel. The U.S. has no requirements for international travelers to be vaccinated, but U.S. travelers must test negative for COVID.
  • The microneedle patches are developed to deliver vaccines without the pain caused by the traditional jabbing of a needle. “Do they think we’re afraid of a thorn going through us?” Polly asked. “Is that what they think is the problem?”
  • Chicago restaurant owner plan to introduce vaccinated and unvaccinated sections. In a restaurant, those who testify to their entire vaccination history will be given a neon bracelet to be given to wear in the unrestrained vaccinated section. “This idea that vaccination is your ticket to the pre-pandemic lifestyle. If you want to be free, you have to go get the vaccine,” said Mary. “Let’s see how long it takes. It’s a obvious contradiction with other accounts, namely diversity, inclusion and similarity. ”
  • A group of 117 unoccupied staff sued at a Houston hospital on the vaccine mandate. The plaintiffs say they do not want to be a “guinea pig” and that the hospital’s vaccination order violates a set of medical ethical standards known to Nuremberg Code. “We think that’s the right interpretation of the law,” Mary said. “While this vaccine Emergency Use Permit (EUA) only, the lawful language of the federal code and the case law suggests that you cannot force people to get vaccinated in the EUA. ”
  • catheter Living Protection of Children’s Health for further discussion with Polly, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and so on. Tune in People’s Statements so Polly can hear living testimonies from around the world about mask mandates, use of COVID emergency vaccines and more.

Watch “This Week” with Mary + Polly:

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