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The Moderna mRNA vaccine that goes to our shores

As reported by The ABC

The pharmaceutical company Moderna has negotiated with the Australian government to provide 25 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in the country. Moderna said it would submit an application “soon” for regulatory approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia. If that is successful, Moderna will join both AstraZeneca and Pfizer as vaccines approved for use for Australians.

Bad news but maybe it’s always the purpose. Moderna describes its product as an operating system on your computer.

Modern describes this mRNA technology:

Recognizing the vast scientific potential of mRNA, we began to create an mRNA technology platform that acts like an operating system on a computer. It is designed to be able to plug and play interchangeably with various programs. In our case, the “program” or “app” is our drug mRNA – the unique mRNA sequence that writes for a protein.

It’s an experimental gene therapy, an unapproved plug and play with your genes. the Modern injection also contains an experimental adjuvant that is patented and has not been licensed for use in any human vaccine. When messenger RNA is injected into the body it begins to make a protein called Flagellin that carries out a large and uncontrolled antibody response. The higher the antibody level the more severe the reaction will be. Flagellin found in bacteria such as Salmonella, using it on their tails, or flagella, to move themselves around. Sometimes it is done in removed the tails from the bacteria – although more recently it has now become common that it is grown in genetically modified cells.

Mandatory COVID vaccines?

Public speaking drew attention to vaccine skepticism…

A study at The University of Western Australia and Sydney University found three-quarters of Australians support mandatory COVID vaccination for work, study, and travel.

The researchers surveyed 1,200 people last year and the results showed that many Australians were advocates for mandatory vaccination (73 per cent) compared to how many were comfortable getting the vaccine themselves (66 per cent).

But don’t believe everything you read…

How do you assess what Australians support from a study of only 1200 people? And one more thing why are more of those surveyed supporting mandatory jabs than the count agreeing to inject themselves?

… The results show that many Australians are advocates for mandatory vaccination (73 per cent) compared to how many are comfortable getting the vaccine themselves (66 per cent).

This is a strange study but one that could be used by the government to suggest that Aussies support mandatory vaccines.

Are we going there? And if not made mandatory by the government if there are industries that can be insisted on getting their workers the jab.

Mandates for influenza vaccines for elderly care staff

Visitors and employees of the aged care facility must have flu vaccinations under state and territory directions placed at the time of the flu. Now three states, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia no longer require flu vaccination to access elderly care facilities.

Even in NSW an elderly care worker who was fired for refusing a flu shot failed to return to his job after the national industrial tribunal ruled that his employer was properly following the government’s health directions. Jennifer Kimber, who has been doing clerical work at the community-owned Imlay House nursing home in the remote coastal town of Pambula since 2008, lost her job in July after the flu vaccine was reduced. Ms Kimber told the tribunal that she suffered a severe allergic reaction after a previous flu vaccine that resulted in a rash and swelling of her face and neck for which she was given a medical exemption.

Fair Work commissioner Donna McKenna ruled that Ms Kimber had not shown her reaction to the flu vaccine.

“There is no medical evidence whatsoever at the time of diagnosis that the condition was described as the cause of the 2016 flu shot,” Ms McKenna said.

Ms Kimber appealed against the decision.

Prescribing the vaccine for most Australians may not be as simple as Lori Youmshajekian says. ABC News

The Government may technically make the COVID-19 vaccine because of the magnitude of their potency in a public health emergency under the Commonwealth Biosecurity Act 2015, and other state and local public health laws.

But governments can only do that if the vaccine is safe, according to Hall & Wilcox colleague Alison Choy-Flannigan

Strictly speaking, power applies only if the vaccine is safe and approved… and there are exceptions for people who are allergic to the vaccine.


Blood flow after a dose of Pfizer vaccine

As vaccine lesions increase and now occur in our teenager

The Protector reports

The mother of a 17-year-old, whose symptoms initially dismissed as a pulled neck muscle, said she regretted her decision to let her be vaccinated.

A teenager in Utah remains hospitalized three blood vessels at and near his brain developed after he received the first dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine.

Everest Romney, 17, received the vaccine on April 21 and began experiencing neck pain, fever and severe headaches a day later.

Everest was released from the ICU May 5, but there is still a long way to go. Her mother said it was unclear how long she would stay in the hospital.

Surprisingly, the CDC and Pfizer rule out blood transfusion risks

After administering nearly 100 million doses of Pfizer’s vaccine, the CDC reports there has not been a single case of a blood clot in the brain until April 12.

Although according to a study that included reports of blood clots associated with blood disorders.

VAERS gave a general 2,808 reports for all three vaccines from December 14, 2020, to April 30. Of the 2,808 cases reported, there were 1,043 reports of blood clotting diseases dedicated to Pfizer.

An interesting article on Cairns News

Doctors have everything wrong; this is the reason why man is filled with disease

The Germ Theory is all wrong: “It’s the soil, not the germ.” quotes Louis Pasteur on his deathbed…

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