Governor Brown announced the COVID-19 risk level update; three counties improved the situation

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ)-Gov. Kate Brown on Tuesday announced updates to the county’s risk level under the state’s public health framework to reduce shipment and protect Oregonians from COVID-19, which has three counties that are developing but the counties of Crook and Jefferson remain at High Level of Risk.

Effective Friday, June 4, through Thursday, June 10, there are 13 counties at the High Risk level, four at the Moderate Risk, and 19 at the Lower Risk. Lane and Polk counties shifted from High to Medium Risk, while Clatsop shifted from Medium to High Risk.

A complete list of counties and their associated risk levels is available HERE.

“The science is clear: vaccines are very effective in protecting people from COVID-19, and they are the key to returning to normal life and lifting health and safety restrictions across the country,” Brown said. “Thanks to all the Oregonians who have been vaccinated so far, the Oregon case rate continues to decline.

“But COVID-19 remains a serious threat to untapped individuals and communities with low vaccination prices. If you are waiting to be vaccinated, go now It is not easy to be vaccinated, and may win just $ 1 million through the Take Your Shot, Oregon campaign. “

On May 11, Governor Brown announced that counties vaccinated at least 65% of their adult residents with at least one dose and submitted a document on how they would close equity gaps in their efforts. of vaccination appropriate to move to the Low Risk level. A dashboard of county immunization data is available at OHA website.

Please note that the dashboard only shows state vaccine allocations, and vaccine doses are not tracked federally. While more counties submitted equity plans this week, none of the counties reached the 65% threshold needed to move to Lower Risk this week. There are complete equity plans HERE.

For the latest risk sector level instruction chart in the province:

Weekly County Actions

As the number of cases continues to decline, changes in the county’s risk level will be announced weekly. Counties can move to the lowest risk level based on vaccination rates and submitting an equity plan, or reduce cases and positive cases. The next risk level change will be announced on Tuesday, June 8, taking effect on Friday, June 11.

Counties facing moving high risk levels this week are on just one warning week, giving the county’s health partners an extra week to focus on driving efforts. in case numbers come back before additional health and safety restrictions are changed.

If Oregon achieves the initial dose of 70% of the statewide vaccination for residents 18 or older, Oregon will remove all levels of risk health and safety restrictions. Certain restrictions based on CDC guidelines for the use of masks and body detachment may remain in place.

[Note: Previous announcements had based the 70% vaccination metric on residents 16 or older, however, in order to align state data with CDC data, the Oregon Health Authority is tracking adult vaccination rates for residents 18 and older.]

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