Can the COVID-19 Vaccine Change Your DNA? Defined by Vaccine Mother.


In this video for the Shot of Prevention blog, Taryn (AKA “The Vaccine Mom”) – a molecular biologist and mother of two – discusses how mRNA vaccines can protect you from severe COVID disease- 19, and why that doesn’t change your DNA. Read below for the full transcript.


Hi I am Taryn, and I am the Immunization Mother. That is why some of the current COVID-19 vaccines we have today are mRNA vaccines.

There are a lot of rumors floating around that mRNA vaccines can cause changes or alterations in your DNA, and I want to assure you now that that is not true.

MRNA is messenger RNA. This molecule is found in all of our cells and each mRNA carries instructions for making specific protein. When a protein needs to be made, messenger RNA moves from the nucleus of the cell into the cellular fluid. There is a problem organelles called ribosome after which the mRNA code is read and the protein is made.

The mRNA of the vaccine also regulates for a protein. It codes for a spike protein that is outside the coronavirus.

The mRNA in the vaccine enters the cell fluid to utilize the ribosomes and make the coronavirus spike protein, just as our mRNA does. But that’s different it will never penetrate the nucleus, and therefore cannot approach your DNA to transfer it or cause any kind of mutation.

Once the protein is made, your immune system will recognize that this protein is different from other proteins in the body and respond by attacking it and later becoming antibodies to it. The same is true if you are infected with the coronavirus naturally.

the The mRNA is easily damaged inside your body and does not stay. You don’t have to worry about any extra mRNA floating around in your cells.

One of the good things about this vaccine is that no infectious agent. So there is no way you can get coronavirus from an mRNA vaccine.

One shot does not offer complete protection. If you get the mRNA vaccine, you need to make sure that return for the second dose. That’s the best way for you to get the most protection to keep your family, yourself and your community protected from the coronavirus.

Like this video from The Vaccine Mom? Looking further into Taryn’s videos on Shot of Prevention o sa Get Vaccinated YouTube channel in Your Family, like his videos on aluminum in vaccines and if the natural strength of the body is better than vaccination.

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