70% of Minnesota metro area residents are partially vaccinated for COVID-19

That puts the Twin Cities first in the state as a full-fledged race to provide first-round doses to teens and adults and first in Greater Minnesota. In comparison, officials said Wednesday, approximately 57% of outstate residents of that age have been fully vaccinated.

With 64.7% of all residents age 16 and older having the first dose, according to the latest Department of Health statistics, Minnesota is still on track to reach the state’s goal of 70% coverage. for part of the population in July. Gov. Tim Walz initially tied the 70% of the statewide benchmark to end the mask order in Minnesota, but revoked it early when federal health authorities released new mask guidelines earlier Mayo.

Across the board, the gradual increase in the number of vaccinations coincides with the decline in new COVID-19 infections, according to a state health department official.

“Just remember that if you’re not vaccinated, you’re still at risk,” Kris Ehresmann told reporters in a conference call Wednesday afternoon.

State -sponsored mobile vaccination clinics continue to deliver doses directly to neighborhoods that need them.

So far, the surveys have given no idea to Minnesotans in the town that there is no doubt about the vaccine, according to Health Department Vaccine Equity Director Dr. Nathan Chomilo.

“There have been national surveys of vaccine skepticism and vaccination characteristics for COVID-19 specific,” Chomilo said. And while they suggest that Minnesotans receive the vaccine more than the average American, “we find that counties in the seven-county metro area have more skepticism.”

According to Chomilo, this means that efforts to make the vaccine more accessible must continue.

Minnesota counties are home to smaller towns than Minneapolis and St. Louis. Paul, meanwhile, has a higher rate of outdoor vaccination compared to many rural areas. Olmsted County, home to Rochester, provides 78% of residents older than 16 with at least one dose of the vaccine, or nearly 94,600 people.

In St. Louis County, where Duluth is located, first-round vaccination rates measure 64.2% for residents age 16 and older.

In an effort to close vaccine shortages, Minnesota has begun offering incentives for newly vaccinated from receiving free state parks to free fishing licenses. The incentives program was launched only last week, however, making it very easy to assess their impact on vaccination rates.

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