The UK health regulator could block the AZ shot for young people, reports

A man receives an injection with a single dose of AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, at a vaccination center at Baitul Futuh Mosque, in London, Britain

The British health regulator is considering a proposal to ban the use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine by young people over concerns about rare blood clots, Channel 4 News reported yesterday Monday.

“Two older sources told this program that even though the data is not yet clear there are growing arguments to justify offering young men – under the age of 30 at the very least – a different vaccine, ”the broadcaster reported.

The UK regulator, the MHRA, has previously said that the benefits of the COVID-19 preventive vaccine outweigh any possible blood-borne risks.

The MHRA did not immediately respond to a comment on the Channel 4 report.

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