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Cuomo’s directive to send seniors with COVID-19 to nursing homes has caused a surge in deaths, reports the non-profit Empire Center for Public Policy, an Albany think tank. The report ties in “hundreds and possibly more than 1,000” who died in the decision, which was ordered on March 25, 2020, and revoked less than two months ago on May 10.

“The findings contradict the central conclusion of the state Department of Health (DOH) report on July 6 (2020) on the coronavirus in nursing homes, which stated, among other things:‘ Policies admission is not a significant cause of death in the nursing home, ‘and’ the data do not show a consistent relationship between admissions and increased mortality, ‘”according to a draft report prepared at the Empire Center. Cuomo used the DOH report to avoid responsibility for the dead since it was released.

The DOH report is primarily blamed the spread of COVID-19 in the nursing homes of infected but asymptomatic staff and visitors, and Governor Andrew Cuomo has repeatedly quoted him as denying any responsibility – even if he himself warned on March 29, four days after his good direction, that the “Coronavirus in a nursing home is like a fire on dry grass.” Not funny, Andy. Then why did you do it? Why didn’t you stop it as soon as possible? Probably because you used the Relief on the USS, the Jacob Javits Convention Center, and the various landmark hospitals that would have given Trump a media victory?

the Empire Center It is said that it reached their conclusions by comparing the mortality rates at facilities that claimed COVID-19 patients were discharged from hospitals to the price of others who did not, after picking up the number of “ a statistical confidence level of 99 percent. ” All information for their report is from the DOH report as of July 2020. – READ MORE

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