Wimbledon matches checked for ‘possible irregular betting patterns’: reports – True Pundit

Officials launched an investigation this week into at least two Wimbledon matches were later found by bookmakers to be “possible” questionable betting patterns, according to reports.

The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA), set up in January, said Reuters on Wednesday that bookies flagged twice on “irregular betting patterns” during this month’s Grand Slam.

“Two alerts (were) issued to us during the Championships from the betting industry indicating that there could be irregular betting patterns,” according to the agency. “We won’t be able to comment on the details of them as they are being looked at.”

One of the matches being investigated was the first-round men’s doubles game in which multiple bets were placed at “irregular times,” CBS Sports reported, quoting a German newspaper. The second game mentioned was a singles fight against an unnamed German player. The review focuses on the player’s opponent and multiple spot-on wagers are fulfilled. – READ MORE

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