White House Will Ask SMS Carriers to Monitor Vaccine ‘Wrong Information’ in Private Text Messages • Protecting Children’s Health

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The Biden administration and allied groups, including the Democratic National Committee (DNC), “plan to aggressively engage with fact-checkers and work on SMS [Short Message Service] carriers to eliminate misinformation about vaccines sent on social media and text messages, ”according to a report today on Politico by White House reporters Natasha Korecki and Eugene Daniels.

The initiative is part of the administration’s effort to vaccinate more people for COVID after failure to achieve its goal with 70% of American adults receiving at least one dose of the vaccine by July 4th.

“We are firmly committed to avoiding politics from trying to vaccinate every American to save lives and help the economy recover further,” White House spokesman Kevin Munoz, Politico agreed. “If we see deliberate attempts to fabricate misinformation, we view that as detrimental to public health in the country and we will not shy away from calling that.”

Politico Korecki tweeted this:

Politico did not clearly explain what the administration meant by “monitoring” text messages, including if the messages were flagged or if they were prevented from being delivered.

The media outlet also did not clarify how the administration or social media platforms will determine what exactly constitutes “misinformation.”

The critics are easy to condemn latest step in the administration. Si Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), A constitutional lawyer, tweeted this:

This is not the first time the White House has signaled its intention to partner with social media platforms to monitor or suppress information that is believed to prevent people from getting the vaccine.

As in Defender reports in February, the White House asked Lots of Tech giants Facebook, Twitter and Alphabet Inc. Google to “suppress speech that evades from officially provided information on COVID-19,” according to the New York Post and other news.

Reported by Reuters that Biden, concerned that “fears about getting the vaccine have emerged as a major obstacle” to his administration’s pandemic plan, wants help from social media moguls to keep “misinformation” from going viral.

Biden’s home vaccination campaign

The Biden administration facing backlash last week after President Biden announced plans to step up the federal government’s effort to vaccinate more Americans by going “house to house” to encourage Americans to get vaccinated.

In response, accused the critics the management of “oppressive” government violations. but Anthony Fauci Dr., Biden’s chief medical counsel, responded Sunday that they had been accused of misinterpreting Biden’s program.

“The big misinterpretation that Fox News says or whoever else is said to be the reason they watched a bunch of federal workers knocking on your door, tells you you have to do something. you don’t want to do it, ” Fauci said.

“That was never the case, trusted messengers part of the community did that – not government officials,” he added. “That’s where I think the connection is.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki offered a similar push to the White House press briefing July 9, when asked about South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster’s pushing the state Department of Health to ban “house-to-house ‘tactics in ongoing vaccination efforts.”

Last week South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, in a writing of the South Carolina Board of Health and Environmental Control, writes: “Attracting, coercing, intimidating, ordering or coercing anyone to vaccinate is a vicious policy that will undermine public confidence and trust in state efforts.”

According to McMaster he would prohibit the state health agency from using the administration’s targeted tactics.

Psaki responded to McMaster’s letter, saying it was a national inconvenience to provide “inaccurate disinformation at a time when we were still fighting a pandemic” and that “the failure to provide accurate information public health, including the effectiveness of vaccines and their access to people across the country, including South Carolina, is literally killing people, so maybe they need to think about it. “

Psaki said the administration has been “working with local community groups and pastors to oversee the sharing of information in neighbors’ homes about vaccines ”for months.

Agreed to Politico, the Biden administration unites with Collaboration with COVID, which describes itself as a “diverse and comprehensive group of experts, leading health, education, and economic institutions” working to “develop consensus recommendations, and negotiate with local, state and national leaders. “

Collaborative, an initiative of Office of American possibilities, marked hesitation of the vaccine by zip code and worked to convince people to get vaccinated as part of the house and house campaign.

COVID Collaborative has a partnership with CDC Foundation, nga colleagues with Pfizer and the Pfizer Foundation. It also has a relationship The American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, The Rockefeller Foundation, National Association of Manufacturers (which is also affiliated with Pfizer), and several unions have received funding from strengthening companies that make COVID vaccines.

Collaborating co-founder of COVID John Bridgeland said his group has already seen a change in the ground that people are closing doors “in their faces because they don’t want to be vaccinated.”

Bridgeland’s biggest concern is that “these lies are convincing communities [who] Already wary of vaccines, making sects in the country where the virus only hits those who are not vaccinated. ”

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