What Happens When the World’s Most Powerful ’Tech Billionaires and Media Moguls Gather in the Sun Valley? • Protecting the Health of Children

The Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference in Idaho where “the world’s strongest, richest billionaires gather media moguls to decide our future,” said Russell Brand.

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If you are worried about the annual World Economic Forum meetings in Davos, Switzerland, then “you’re 2008 too,” says Russell Brand in a new video.

the The Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference in Idaho where “the strongest, richest in the world tech billionaires meeting with media moguls to judge our future, ”Brand said.

Part of “judging our future” includes discussing how to grow their abundant wealth, so that the uber rich can give more control to the lives of ordinary people – which includes using more power to government policies.

This is where a group of people with a collective wealth of one trillion dollars – more than 16 countries united – come together to oppose elected democracy, ”Brand said. And if there’s a story about breaking their billionaire monopolies, “no one has the force to oppose that,” he said.

Brand quoted an article published in The Guardian as questioning what would happen if mega-billionaires gather at conferences like Sun Valley.

Hamilton Nolan of The Guardian WROTE:

“Everything that happens in Sun Valley will contribute to the ability of the attendees to like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Mike Bloomberg to add to their societal-changing fortunes. They and their fellow billionaires got richer by more than 50% during the pandemic year, doing nothing but sit back and watch their capital grow as millions around the world suffer and die. .

Brand said:

“If it really talks about humanity and helping others, they’ll start paying additional tax, stop lobbying for more power and create some funds that… actually affect the lives of ordinary people.

Watch the video:

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