‘Vaccine Mandates Are Never Along With Real Medical’ • Protecting Children’s Health

The New York Times best -selling author, Alex Berenson, presents “The Joe Rogan Experience” for an extensive discussion of COVID vaccines, including why people often don’t trust industry and its influence on public policy are ready to line up for vaccines.

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In a episode of the podcast released on Tuesday, the New York Times best -selling author, Alex Berenson, who permanently suspended from Twitter, showing “The Experience of Joe Rogan”For an extensive, 3-hour discussion on COVID, vaccines and the pharmaceutical industry.

Berenson told Rogan the number of fully vaccinated people to death from COVID increases, according to data in most countries. He pointed to what he said was the best national data available, data from Israel and the UK.

“The best data we’ve got is from the UK and Israel,” Berenson said. “And in the UK, at least 70% of people who died from COVID in August were fully vaccinated, and that’s directly from British government documents. ”

Berenson said Israel, which started vaccination earlier than any other country, ordered a third, booster shot because data showed that people who lost their resistance and died from COVID were fully vaccinated. .

Berenson said the third shot “spurred the defense in the short term, but we don’t know what the consequences of a third shot in the long term will be. At a time when Israel considers that every citizen without three shots is vaccinated, there is only data on the safety and effectiveness of the third shot for about 36 people. ”

This lack of data is why the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve COVID promoters for everyone, and instead its approval is limited of the third take for people over the age of 65 and those considered “high risk” due to “institutional or employment placement.”

Berenson also discusses the debate between vaccine resistance versus natural resistance, pointing to Israel’s role in showing that natural resistance lasts longer than vaccine resistance.

Berenson said:

“It’s turned out to always have value for environmental turbulence. That’s why you get this very high surge of antibodies, that’s much higher than the level you get with natural infection but it goes down quickly. … That is why there is a very good paper coming out in Israel showing that natural antibodies fall about 5% or 10 percent a month, while vaccine -induced resistance falls by more than 40% per month. ”

Research has also shown natural resistance is stronger than vaccine-induced resistance, according to Berenson.

Vaccine resistance was also adjusted in part by protein on the spike, so if the virus mutates too little, that vaccine resistance will no longer work, while having natural stability, being more robust and providing resilience to many different COVID varieties, ”Berenson said.

Agreed with Berenson, another ROLE it has been shown outside of Japan that only four small mutations in Sars-CoV-2 can lead to a failure of vaccine-induced resistance, but people who are naturally infected remain protected from small mutations.

Citing the science of natural infection, Rogan criticized the policy of mandates:

“People are very clear about this, vaccine instructions a form of restraint. If you got your shot in January, your resistance, in all official science, is increasing now, but you can still go wherever you want, but someone got COVID a few weeks ago and there are solid antibodies not allowed to go. anywhere in the interior, I was really worried about it. ”

Berenson agreed that “vaccine mandates have nothing to do with medical realities.”

Berenson also expressed his surprise at the rest of politics, which is often very critical of corporate power and poor attitude to the industry’s influence on public policy. He gave Merck’s Vioxx as an example of how the industry is not our friend.

“I was amazed at the willingness of the left to buy the history sold by the drug industry,” Berenson said. “It’s an industry that is known to kill, according to the FDA’s own estimate, 55,000 people who have had a heart attack, profited from it and then covered it up.”

Berenson covered Vioxx cases for the New York Times in the early 2000’s. “So don’t tell me these companies are friends of ours,” he said.

The winning author tells Rogan why he believes he doesn’t like his industry peers:

“It’s the first time in history that the more educated and wealthiest type of people have said‘ I want to be a guinea pig, ’and now some of the people know that it’s probably not the most agile decision, and those people are desperate in public to get vaccinated. And people hate me, because I went to Yale, I worked for the New York Times, people saw it as a traitor to the class. ”

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