US Sits ‘Raft’ Of Undetected Virus Intel; Formerly Officially Said to Have ‘Almost No Evidence’ of Natural Origin – True Pundit

Hours after President Biden promised to release the ‘full report’ from the 90-day U.S. Intelligence community investigation into where COVID-19 came from- unless there was something he didn’t know

… Ang New York Times reports, there were things he did not know.

That is to say, ‘a raft before examined evidence requiring further computer analysis that could shed light on the mystery, ”Agreed with anonymous administration officials.

In other words, the US government is already in office a large collection of intellect perhaps the most important investigation into a devastating global pandemic economy, such as China broken evidence and there is refuses to cooperate with international scrutiny. According to the report, Biden’s call for a new investigation was in response to ‘new’ evidence.

While officials declined to describe the new evidence, they expected to use ‘an extraordinary amount of computer power’ to investigate what time speculations could be ‘China’s communication databases, the movement of lab workers and the pattern of disease outbreaks around Wuhan town. ”

Biden’s call is also aimed at urging American allies and intelligence agencies to study their own evidence, such as “interrogation, witnesses or biological evidence – as well as the search for new intelligence,” to investigate. if the Chinese government covered up what happened.

Surprising readers will notice that the TODAY Replaced its own facts, placing any release of the lab as of course “unintentional,” and suggesting that Biden simply dismissed the theory of the lab’s origin “until the Chinese government this week rejected the permit. for further investigation by the World Health Organization. ” – READ MORE

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