‘Unvaccinated people should be more scared’ than vaccinated delta variants – True Pundit

the white house on Thursday it was said that undocumented individuals “should be more fearful” amid the threat of race in the delta COVID-19, while heading to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Prevention for any updated mask guidance.

As pushed by the Biden administration to get the Americans vaccinated against COVID-19, White House press secretary Jen Psaki also issued a warning to those who did not take action.

Psaki quoted a CBS News poll that showed that vaccinated Americans are more fearful about a different delta than unvaccinated people.

“Obviously that’s part of us because unresponsive people need to be more scared,” Psaki said.

Meanwhile, Psaki was asked if the Biden administration was considering pushing for a new mask order, following a Washington Post report that said White House aides talked to CDC officials about the proposal. public messaging.

The report said the White House was hesitant to implement policies that would mandate people to show proof of their vaccination status, but said aides discussed whether Americans were asked to wear a mask when vaccinated and underweight people gather in large numbers. – READ MORE

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