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Ordered by the University Vaccine to Violate Medical Ethics

The Wall Street Journal reports:

About 450 US colleges and universities – including our institutions – announced policies ruled that all students fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before the fall semester, with some requiring vaccination for the summer term. Schools have for many years required vaccinations against infectious diseases, but these mandates have yet to materialize – and not well. Colleges have never before required that students or employees receive an experimental vaccine as a condition of attendance or employment.

Even soldiers, whose rights were restricted when they joined the service, were not forced to take the Covid vaccine. In a case involving the anthrax vaccine, a federal district judge ruled in 2004 that “the United States cannot require that members of the armed forces also serve as guinea pigs for experimental purposes. drug ”unannounced authorization or a sanction to the presidency of members of the legal service. protections. The following year the judge ruled that an emergency use permit from the Food and Drug Administration was insufficient to complete the legal trial.

U.S. College COVID Vaccine Mandates Do Not Consider Safety or Pregnancy, and May Be Enhanced by Law

The Defender reports:

For Joshua Hauser, a junior at the University of California Berkeley, the need to get Covid-19 vaccine before the fall semester like taking on a campus residence assignment. “People are really excited to get the vaccine on campus,” he said. “It helps us feel safe at school.” And he hopes it will mean a return to normal. “At Zoom, that’s what we were talking about – we just wanted to be together in person.”

Beginning in late March, several colleges and universities in the United States began issuing requirements for students who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 if they want to return to campus this fall. Some policies involve faculty and staff. The start of some colleges later became numerous in mid -April, and so far, some 350 institutions issues such policies – even if all three COVID -19 vaccines available in the U.S. remain under permit emergency use (EUA) status, and not approved.

IKEA has fined € 1.1M in French Court for Spying on Staff

The Guardian reports:

The group of household appliances Ikea ordered to pay € 1.1m (£ 861,000) in fines and damages to a French court after being found guilty of spying on staff.

Two former Ikea France executives were also convicted and fined in a detailed scheme to collect information from hundreds of staff, job applicants and even customers over many years, using private detectives and police sources.

Former group chief Jean-Louis Baillot was given a suspended two-year prison term and ordered to pay € 50,000.

The Foo Fighters allowed Vaccines Fans at the Madison Square Garden Concert only

Gateway Pundit reports:

The Foo Fighters will perform at Madison Square Garden on June 20, but the concert is only for vaccinated fans.

The event is the venue’s first concert in more than 15 months, due to “The Garden is ready to rock,” James Dolan, executive chairman and CEO of MSG Entertainment, said in a statement. “We’ve been waiting for this moment for 15 months and looking forward to the final welcome to a full house roaring,vaccinated Foo Fighters fans at Madison Square Garden. ”

Tickets for the vaccinated -only event can be $ 50 to $ 119.

Teachers Censor YouTube For Opposition Protest

Reported Teachers for Selection in New York:

YouTube posted the entire video of the TEACHERS FOR CHOICE (TfC) protest on June 12, 2021 in front of the United Federation of Teacher (UFT) headquarters. Got it in less than 48 hours!

The protest featured 11-year-old Jenna Miller being expelled from school on June 8 for refusing to wear a mask at school as well as several New York Teachers speaking out against coercion. COVID vaccination, forced COVID testing at school, vaccination passports and masking of children 4 years of age.

Tech Giants Must Provide Your Data If Federal Investigators Ask. Niini Ngano.

The Washington Post reports:

When the Trump administration’s Department of Justice sought to raise leakers, it resorted to tech giants where much of our digital lives are stored.

Apple and Microsoft revealed last week that the agency secretly subpoenaed account data from members of Congress and aides to cracking down on intrusions during the Trump administration. That follows recent revelations by media organizations including The Washington Post and New York Times that the Trump Department of Justice is secretly seeking. telephone and email records of reporters in an effort to determine the sources of the leaks.

That information – what email addresses and phone numbers we use and if we use them – can be crucial to meeting a time -consuming process.

COVID Vaccine ‘Passports’ in the US: Here’s What We Got and Why

Los Angeles Times via Yahoo!The news was reported:

The European Union is about to launch a digital pass system to allow residents to prove that they were vaccinated against COVID-19, recovered from the disease or recently tested negative for the virus, allowing them to travel freely among all 27 members who nasud.

For many months, the Israelites used a same digital pass system, showed their vaccination status to enter restaurants, gyms and other venues. Australia is rolled a digital proof of vaccination certificate, and Japan plan to issue one later this summer.

But don’t expect the United States to go that way.

What are the Roadblocks to a ‘Vaccine Passport’?

The New York Times reports:

With all American adults now fitting in COVID-19 vaccines and business and international borders open up as well, a fierce debate has begun across the United States as to whether one digital health certificate (often and somewhat misleadingly called a “vaccine passport“) It should be necessary to confirm the status of vaccination.

Now, American issued a white paper card as evidence of their COVID-19 shot, but it was easily forged, and online scammer sold falsely and stolen vaccine cards.

While the federal government has said they will not introduce digital vaccine passports through a federal mandate, a growing businesses – from cruise lines at sports venues – said they would need to prove vaccination for entry or service. Hundreds of digital health advocacy initiatives are scrambling to launch apps that provide a proven electronic record of vaccinations and coronavirus-negative consequences to speed up the process.

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