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A Conservative MP inadvertently provided an insight into the hypocrisy of the lockdown when he said “people of importance” should not follow the same COVID-19 quarantine rules as the rest of the population .

Mentioned by MP John Whittingdale special measures allowing UEFA officials and multi-millionaire footballers to enter the UK to participate in the final Euro 2020 on July 11th.

While ordinary Brits cannot vacation at most destinations and will have to quarantine on return, the government is changing the rules to allow VIPs a “Euro 2020 invitation” to avoid segregation. themselves or quarantine upon their arrival in the country.

“The list of those allowed to bypass government bans includes UEFA executive members, FIFA council members and senior executives of companies promoting Euro 2020,” he said. Sky News reported.

Responding to the issue, Whittingdale told Sky News that ‘important people’ were not on the bans.

“We always say that for some important people, players, for example …” Whittingdale said.

Host Kay Burley responded: “That’s why people who want to vacation don’t matter. Is that what you said? ”READ MORE

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