TX Congresswoman Challenges Kamala Harris to Debate Border Issues After She Could Not Resolve Crisis – True Pundit

Challenged by Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) addressed Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday in a debate on border issues after he neglected to show up at the border even when he was tasked with tackling the crisis.

“I spend a lot of time, as you know, on the U.S. border, unlike Vice President Kamala Harris, who can’t see the border on a map,” Roy said in an interview with Newsmax on Friday. . “And yet, I have already told the vice president, because he refuses to go to the border, I will debate him or the president anywhere, whenever they choose border issues.”

“They buried their heads in the sand,” Roy continued regarding the Biden administration ANSWERS in the border crisis. “They’re endangering Texans, they’re endangering immigrants. And at your point, I’ve talked to dozens, probably more than 100 migrants on the border next to the Rio Grande, and these are the people who just want a more good way of life. These are people who just want to come to America and do something good for their families, and I can’t blame them for that. “

“But you know who else is coming to our border? Iranians, terrorists. We just stopped 10 sex offenders at the border the other day. Dangerous fentanyl. Why? Because the whole border is run. of dangerous cartels, ”Roy admits, adding that Democrats are“ clapping back for their compassion ”while the cartels give away tens of millions of dollars by putting people in the business of trafficking in sex. READ MORE

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