Top FBI official neglects romantic relationship that ‘ruined the workplace,’ report finds – True Pundit

An old man FBI the officer violated bureau policy by not reporting a romantic relationship with a member for a one-hour period and participating in the decision of staff involving his paramour, the Justice DepartmentThe inspector general was spotted this week.

An executive summary of the report by Michael Horowitz made public on Thursday did not name the official. However, The Washington Post, quoted today and former law enforcement officers, identified her as Jill Tyson, the bureau’s assistant director of the Office of Congressional Affairs in February 2019.

In addition to violating the policy, Horowitz found that Tyson allowed his relationship to “negatively affect an appropriate and professional higher and lower relationship and disrupt the workplace by interfering with the ability of other FBI staff to complete some work. “

The report also found that Tyson “participated in a procurement or organizational decision involving the member,” which also violated FBI policy.

The summary does not suggest that Tyson harassed or abused his subordinate. The Washington Post reported that the man was transferred to another part of the bureau after Tyson reported the relationship. – READ MORE

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