Tony Blair Suggests Ununited Britons Should Stay Under Lockdown Prohibitions – True Pundit

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has explained that those who choose not to be vaccinated should be discriminated against by remaining constrained by lockdowns if the UK’s June 21 “freedom day” is to be fulfilled.

In an interview with ITV News, Blair was asked if he would rain the June 21 deadline, when all social isolation, mask mandates and other lockdown rules would end.

Blair said that if the data suggested that the June 21 date was in jeopardy, the government should “reconsider the identification between people who have been vaccinated and those people who are not because it makes no sense to treat the two groups as if they were the same. ”

The former Labor leader tried to offer a rebuttal to people who would describe it as discrimination, but it only succeeded in proving that he advocated for discrimination against inaction.

“If someone just chooses not to be vaccinated, I mean that’s their choice, you don’t choose them, they choose not to do it,” by Blair. – READ MORE

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