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The UK vaccine watchdog is “closely monitoring” to say that 4K + women suffer period problems after receiving the COVID-19 jab. While side effects such as arm pain, weakness, aches and muscle aches are included in the warnings about potential disadvantages of receiving the vaccine, there are no warnings about weather -related complications.

There were no time irregularities listed as a potential vaccination effect, so British regulators were trying to find out if there was really a link between complaints and vaccinations.

Official data obtained by The Show the Sunday Times in the UK that Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency products – better known as MHRA received 2,734 reports of weather problems associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine, 1,158 related to the Pfizer jab, and another 66 related to the vaccine in Moderna until May 17.

Complaints have focused on “heavier than usual” bleeding, and it is possible that it can affect many women who do not think about reporting their issues. Most of the issues were reported by women aged 30 to 49 .;

So far, at least, the MHRA says there is no evidence that it should add complications during the list of side effects. That is, the “current evidence” does not suggest an “increased risk of problems during the aftermath of the jab, according to the regulator.

But others are asking for more data to be collected. For example, Dr. Sue Ward, vice-president of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, says “anecdotally some women seem to report more severe periods after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine and we support many data collection in this area to understand why this is the cause.If you notice any bleeding that is not common to you, we recommend that you contact your doctor. ” – READ MORE

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