Thieves Ransack US Air Base in Afghanistan After Americans Break into Home in the Middle of the Night

The United States wound its ‘forever in the war in Afghanistan by essence from its largest base from midnight, Said nothing as much as informing the local Afghan commander.

The somewhat shocking way of leaving in which Bagram was immediately abandoned is a “ghost base” – as some have already called it – frankly described by Associated Press as follows: “U.S. leaves Afghanistan Bagram Airfield after nearly 20 years of power outage and disappeared overnight without informing the new Afghan commander on the basis, Which discovered the Americans’ departure more than two hours after they left, Afghan military officials said. “

What’s more it caught the local Afghan forces guarding that theft immediately resulted once the secure bases were left there were no Americans.

The Afghan commander for the area only initially heard “rumors” of an impending U.S. exit from the airfield, but then soon realized it was already a fact.

And then the next almost unbelievable scene echoes in, central America longest running war in history:

Before Afghan army took control, the airfield, nearly an hour’s drive from the Afghan capital Kabul, was attacked by a small army of thieves, who ransacked barracks after barracks and looted giant storage tents before being evicted, According to Afghan military officials.

“At first we thought they might be Taliban,” Said Abdul Raouf, a soldier of 10 years. He said the U.S. called from Kabul airport and said “we’re here at Kabul airport.”

It happened days ago but only now to come to light, with an Afghan soldier quoted by the AP as saying, “In one night, they lost all the goodwill of 20 years by leaving the way they did.” More details now show, excerpts as follows:

The sudden darkness was like a signal to the thieves, he said. They entered from the north, smashing through the first barrier, looting buildings, loading anything that wasn’t nailed into the truck.

On Monday, three days after leaving the U.S., Afghan soldiers were still storing piles of garbage containing canned water bottles, cans and empty energy drinks left by the robbers.

Abandoned car left by Americans:

Despite the growing Taliban strength across the country amid a serious escalation of attacks by national forces, the Afghan government believes it holds a large and heavily fortified airbase, which is also home to a prison. holding mostly Taliban-involved prisoners.

The sudden and under -the -cover night of the U.S. departure has something to say sparked widespread anger among Afghan security forces.

Should the Taliban soon threaten Kabul, many analysts believe is a possibility if not near reality, the group will likely eye river Bagram first used as a strategic launching point to the Afghan capital.

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