‘The Vision’ Sent Into Chaos After Two Hosts Tested Positively for COVID-19 Mid-Show; Kamala Interview Updated

Friday stage at The Vision a complete melting, after both hosts were positive for the COVID-19 mid-show, forcing producers to turn Vice President Kamala Harris ’planned visit into a virtual conversation.

After the first commercial break, host Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro were asked to leave their seats -with co-host Joy Behar telling the audience that an explanation is coming. When Behar asked a producer if he could introduce the vice president, one producer sent the show to another break, according to People.

After the break, Behar announced that both vaccinated Hostin and Navarro were both positive for COVID-19.


No matter how hard we try, these things happen, ”Behar said. “They probably have a successful case and they can be okay, I’m sure, because they’ve both been vaccinated… And the vice president is ready for his arrival. They clean the table, they wash their hands. Everyone cleans up. and he’ll be out of here in a second. ”

After taking questions from the audience, a mask producer pointed to the camera and said, “I have an update: Everything is being done to be human safe so we can try and do now a conversation with the vice president away.”

Shall we talk to him at a distance? Behar asked.

Even though he is,”As the producer said before going to another break.

Harris ’appearance could be his first self -interview since being sworn in as VP.

“What happened?” said host Sara Haines, afterwards people Editor Nigel Smith – who was in the audience – asked what was on their minds.

“We got an adrenaline rush because we knew we had to think about our feet,” Behar said. “I have many years of experience thinking on my feet. I’ve been a standup comedian for many years.”

“We’re doing our best here,” Behar added.

Harris later gave his interview from backstage, which was in line with what we can only think of as pre-planned points in the conversation about border partrol being ‘not the man who destroyed Haitians on the Texas border.’

As in The Federalist note, “Before the part with Navarro and Hostin leading the stage, the panel opened the show complaining about no action, with chyron readable,””

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