Texas State Democrat scoffs at calling himself ‘pugitive’ after fleeing state to block voting fees – True Pundit

A Texas state representative joined other Democrats to flee the state to prevent the Republican voting law from becoming the newest member to endure ridicule in a social media post, after he referred to himself as a “pugitive.”

“My diet was like a refugee,” Houston area representative Gene Wu tweeted, featuring a photo of a Caesar salad and Coke Zero. “Delicious.”

He added, “Now I have an idea of ​​how AG Ken Paxton should feel every day… it’s not bad. It’s no wonder he continues to commit so many crimes.”

Critics were pleased with Wu’s photo and typo; a conservative writer shares a bad photo of the sandwich from the disaster at the 2017 Fyre Festival. Another said that most of the refugees could not get the food provided.- READ MORE

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