Stacey Abrams Gets Emmy Nomination for One Minute Voiceover Role in ABC’s ‘Black -ish’ – True Pundit

Failed Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams has been nominated for an Emmy Award for a short, one-minute voiceover role in an animated episode of Itom-ish, which premiered in October.

News of the nomination for “Outstanding Character Voiceover Performance” came on Tuesday, ahead of the award show scheduled for Sept. 19 in Los Angeles.

Abrams ’nomination comes from a one-minute and seven-second appearance he made in a special selection on the Disney-owned network last fall, which, as before reports by Breitbart News, which focuses on “voter restraint, mistakes filled with misunderstandings about Electoral College, and a scheme that paints America as a more nation full of voter restraint.”

Apparently, Abrams helped “Dre,” Anthony Anderson put it, begin his run for congressmanship. – READ MORE

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