Sean Penn Mumbles to News Culture as ‘Laughing’ After Calling for Pro-Trump Evangelical Leaders to Be ‘Two’-True Pundit

Hollywood director Sean Penn criticized the cancellation of the culture as “ludicrous” even as he recently compared Donald Trump’s supporters to al-Qaeda and called that pro-Trump evangelical leaders “be impeach. “

Sean Penn spoke about the cultural cancellation in an interview on the podcast “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.”

“If we ruin careers like that, what have we really achieved? What are we going to do?” Asked the two-time Academy Award winner. “Or you look politicians. I give a big nod to anyone willing to enter the public arena who does this because they give a damn. “

During the podcast, Penn called the cancellation “ludicrous” culture and defended journalist Alexi McCammond, who lost his job as editor-in-chief of Intended for the teenager in March after his anti-Asian tweets resurfaced.

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Earlier this year, the Hollywood star compared Trump supporters of al-Qaeda, the Islamist terror network, and then-President trumpet Osama bin Laden.

In another bizarre tweet, he said the Pope should “impeach“Evangelical leaders fail to criticize former President Trump – READ MORE

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